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Hot Head (Head, #1)Hot Head by Damon Suede
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ebook, 320 pages
Published June 15th 2011 by Dreamspinner (first published June 1st 2011)
ISBN 1615819495 (ISBN13: 9781615819492)
Series  Head #1

“Because people should not be punished for loving and hoping and holding their hearts open.”

My timing in reading this book has a lot to do with how it hit home for me. While I was swept away with the powerful, hard-hitting writing style and the "hell-yes" sexiness, it was the underlying message that came through loud and clear. That message will and has made this book a genre classic, of which I wish it to transcend.

Last week, my president announced his stand on same sex marriage. Yesterday I watched a video of a religious figure (also in my country, unbelievably) calling for electrified fences to contain GLBT humans. I'm not an activist but I am strongly secure of my feelings and convictions with regard to same sex issues. Mostly, I don't want it to be an issue.

Hot Head is a spicy, gritty, sexy rocket of a story that starts out fast and never slows down. The writing style of Mr. Suede is gripping, quick and concise. I found no wasted words or passages.

“Everything was so nutty with Loretta, all her reactions. She used tantrums like most people used sedatives”

The character development is superb. I found myself instantly enthralled by both Griff and Dante. In fact all of the players were instantly identifiable. The descriptions of secondary characters was just as complete and poignant as those of the main characters, I appreciate that. I particularly enjoyed the visual of Loretta as an operatic diva, very telling. Some of the stereotyping was surprising to find and quite in-my-face but I did not find it offensive. It just helped to draw a picture of the diversity of the city.

The story had a very full and yet tight feel. A backdrop of 9-11 permeated the story but didn't overwhelm it. I thought the author did an excellent job of infusing lasting feelings from the disaster with the need for hope. The epic feel of the story comes from drawing a picture spanning childhood, youthful frivolity, adult-life complications and a desire to have a fulfilling, mature future. Well done here.

The message. Hope. Hope for acceptance, love, family and peace.

Thank you Mr. Suede for the journey. I have a feeling that you will continue to write poignant, meaningful and current stories and I look forward to them.

“The world is different, but folks are the same, huh?”

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