Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is Male/Male Romance Becoming Mainstream? 

The September 2012 issue of Romantic Times magazine has a surprising article titled, "It's Raining Men, Tackling the Torrents of Male/Male Romantic Fiction Flooding the Market" by Mala Bhattacharjee. It's surprising simply due to the fact that well-known Romantic Times is spotlighting and acknowledging this genre.

     With Penguin Group, USA giving the go ahead to publish J.R. Ward's, "Lover at Last" novel; which will be the HEA for the long time love interests "Qhuinn and Blay", this is indeed a step forward for "mainstream publishers". They are pushing male/male romance forward, and to quote Qhuinn, "just let that shit fly".  I appreciate a viewpoint given by a BDB, Black Dagger Brotherhood, J. R. Ward fan who says [paraphrasing], "they [sic] are not a m/m fan but have come to love Qhuinn and Blay anyway."  That's the thing with the "Qhuay" story, many of us have become so invested in their love story that it matters not that they're two men, just that their love story will be fulfilled. 

     Also of interest to me, are some of the quotes and references by some of my favorite authors in m/m romance.  For instance, the author of the "The Adrien English" series Josh Lanyon pointed out that, "...not all m/m romance is erotic, let alone pornographic." is a sentiment that I'd personally love to shout from the rooftops.  I appreciate Romantic Times showcasing this as a cover article, bringing more light to talented writers who have too often been hidden on some back "erotica" shelf.  As Damon Suede, author of "Hot Head" says in the article, "love is love", and in my opinion deserves to be front and center.

    The article acknowledges that m/m romance's biggest readers are "straight, married women" a category, of which, I fall into and is the tag line for this blog.  At once, I'm both bothered by being categorized and relieved to know I'm not the only one.  Whew!  Actually, I've known this for a while now but it's always surprising to read about yourself in print.  Maybe I should find it a relief to know that my latest obsession fits into a niche and I'm not alone...or odd. 
     Take a look at the article, I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.  It allowed me a sigh of relief to see confirmation that male/male and LGBT is a growing genre.  I believe we are indeed on the brink of seeing m/m becoming mainstream. 

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