Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Our December

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ebook, 115 pages
Published December 25th 2010 by Silver Publishing
ISBN 1920484019 (ISBN13: 9781920484019)

I almost always write my reviews immediately after finishing a book. I didn't with this one. No real reason other than I guess I didn't feel that motivated. Now, a week later and I can't stop thinking about it. The premise made me feel a little uncomfortable at first. That whole, too young to touch thing just got to me.


"Are you gay?"

Alex (15) is just becoming sexually aware and has no idea of his charm. He's honest, straight-forward and adorable.

"Hanging out with him would be about as safe as navigating a field of land mines. Jared had no idea how he would maneuver without losing a piece of himself..."

Jared (20) is hard-working, dedicated and well-adjusted. He's responsible, thank goodness or else we'd be talking about a whole different kind of book.


I was taken by surprise at how quickly this story developed. Jared is instantly attracted to Alex but he knows to set rules for keeping his distance. He intends to only be a mentor to Alex but can't help his developing feelings.

Alex keeps it together pretty well until his father decides it's best for him to experience more of the world...away from Jared. I was both torn by Alex and Jared separating, and, relieved that a level headed adult was stepping in to slow this evolving relationship down.


This is a quick paced, easy read that drew me in and kept me reading. It started out with a lack of contractions during the dialog that just didn't feel like natural speech, but that eventually leveled out.

There were some moments that surprised me, that I didn't expect from the author. I assumed that this was a very straight-forward romance but there were some heavy issues to be overcome. I have to admit, when I finished, I thought there was some unfinished business. Now I see that it is an ongoing series, so I'll hold back on what would have been criticism.

A totally, gratuitous sex scene inserted at the end was completely unnecessary. Nonetheless I enjoyed it, because it was a hot scene and that's what I read this stuff for, duh!


In the end, this was a sweet romance with potential to grow deeper. I was relieved that the uncomfortable nature of underage romance was addressed and not denied.

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