Monday, September 10, 2012

Listening to Dust by Brandon Shire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paperback, 142 pages
Published March 10th 2012 by TPG Books
ISBN 1470181290 (ISBN13: 9781470181291)
Edition language English
Available for purchase at: Amazon

There aren't enough stars for a book like this.

This isn't my typical style of review because I just can't. I can't really read my kindle highlights to share those thoughts. My eyes are too full. I'll explain below, why I've just had to take a different approach here.

70%, 70% is where I cracked. Broken. Crushed and flayed wide open. Until the end and well beyond.

I could easily let go and curse out Brandon Shire. I could easily hate an author that can cause me so much pain. I suppose I'm a masochist though, and actually love that he can reach me like that.

When endless media incursion causes me to tune out and block out the noise, to become numb and uncaring, it's good to find that I can still be moved. To find that my humanity and passion are still alive. Brandon Shire has a way of awakening every sense, with imagery and emotion, vivid and tangible. In this book, you will be there, with the characters, smelling, feeling, wanting. Wanting so badly.

I'm not writing any sort of synopsis because I believe this book should be discovered entirely for yourself. I can't imagine two people finding the same things here. So I can't tell you what it's about, for you. To be sure, there are overarching themes, but the subtle layers of understanding will develop differently for everyone. This is a simple story with incredibly complex problems. Problems that are so big it's easier to look away. But don't look away. Read this book. Tell friends about it. Until our humanity is flawless read this book and books that keep reaching us.

I have to say one last thing. It will only mean something to a few GR friends but it matters. Plus, I need to release a little pent up frustration and between this read and some comments made in an unrelated GR thread, I have to let it go. *I only read male/male romance for the sex. (That is hostile sarcasm, by the way, and should not be construed as truth, by anyone).

Edit:  I just found Brandon's Pinterest page dedicated to Listening to Dust.  It's a photo journey for the book.  Brilliant. You can see it here:  Listening to Dust Pinterest Page

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