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One True Thing (One Thing, #2)One True Thing by Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Ebook, 260 pages
Published October 26th 2012 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN13 9781623800475
Edition Language English
Available at Dreamspinner Press
Setting West Hollywood, California (United States)

This sequel to One Small Thing is sweet, enjoyable and well written. Arguably, a good portion of this story leans towards an unbelievable instant attraction, but there is more here to be discovered. A reality-check is dropped in the middle of the plot that snapped me out of fairyland and delivered a more satisfying romance.


I was gone. So gone. It didn’t matter how soon it was, or how long we’d known each other. I recognized the feeling that washed over me just then, that pure, fierce ache.

Dusty - Light-hearted, good-natured, warm and loving despite having endured hardships, is what draws me to like him. He's uplifting, delightful and adorable. He deserves love and I can't help but want him to have someone that will cherish him, and all of his desirable qualities.

It was one of those moments, those rare, perfect moments, that are built for a kiss. That is, if you’re not a total chickenshit.

Asher – Artistic, handsome, gentle and honest, he seems to be the perfect boyfriend. But, his career could pose a real problem. I enjoyed Asher’s POV’s. His internal dialog is charming.

”No one likes a cock tease. You know why you’re here.”

Archer - The ultimate party-boy, player and user. He’s smooth and arrogant. It’s easy to “boo” Archer.


Dusty is beginning his new life, happily, in W. Hollywood. He's settled into a new job, comfortable with his living arrangements with his best friends, Rue and Erik. He's a romantic-realist that luckily, for us, recognizes a nearly electrical charge at the touch of a stranger. When he finds his "savior" again, he doesn't really get the tingle again, but he's willing to give this new relationship a chance. Unknowingly he has found the identical twin brother and learns how different two brothers can be.

In a funny twist this book went from almost fantasy-like romance, nearly too-good-to-be-true to real-life drama. I couldn't have been more surprised to go from giddily flying high to finding myself brought back down to earth by a shot of reality. The grounding experience really brought it all together, for me. It allowed the relationship to have much deeper meaning and generated a feeling of strength that was necessary for believability.


The strength of Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea's writing is in it's concise and well paced story-telling. They are terrific at delivering emotion and charm while simultaneously moving the story forward.

Very enjoyable. Recommended.

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