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A Solid Core of AlphaA Solid Core of Alpha by Amy Lane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ebook, 320 pages
Published August 8th 2011 by (first published August 7th 2011)  
  Available at
ISBN 9781613721
Edition Language English
This book was released in 2011 and has been reviewed and rated heavily. It was, in part, due to the high rating that I decided to give it a try. Also, I love sci-fi and when it has a M/M romance element, then all the better. It's going to be very hard to put into words how much I enjoyed every moment of this read. Suffice it to say that I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading much more from Amy Lane.


…and C.J. was plunged into a hell so exquisite there wasn’t a name for it.

I think I would call this a Lost and Found story. In fact, it is the ultimate lost story. Being alone on a space shuttle for 10 years, without human contact, of any kind, would cause anyone to lose it. The world Anderson builds to counteract his loneliness is fascinating and as I read I thought that would be the main focus of the story. It isn't until Anderson's shuttle reaches an outpost that the "real" story unfolds and makes this book so much more than I expected.


Above them, the night was darkest purple, and the stars were so clear and white they could draw blood.
The writing style is very straight-forward. No fancy tricks, very little poetic prose and it still kept me glued to the page. Amy Lane's style seems clean, understandable and enjoyable. I wouldn't call her writing simplistic as it was her carefully crafted underlying anticipation that had me applying the brakes while I was plowing on full-speed ahead.


No one else got to gawk at the boy who had talked to dolls for over eight years.

Anderson Rawn - Surprisingly multi-faceted, Anderson grows, suffers, flirts, loves and hates. He's endearingly innocent and admirably strong. It’s easy to imagine yourself in Anderson’s place. It’s hard to think about how you would fare.

C.J.’s sigh came from his toes.

Cyril John Poulson (C.J.) – Playful, intelligent, caring and sexy. CJ is too smart for his own good, when he meets Anderson he knows he’s in trouble, he knows whichever way he moves forward could be the biggest mistake of his life.

”Anderson…” It was a plea, but not even C.J. knew whether it was a plea to stop or to keep going…”

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