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Afflicted IIAfflicted II by Brandon Shire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
 E-book and Paperback, 214 pages
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Expected publication: December 6th 2012 by TPG Books
ISBN13 9781480289857
Edition Language English

10% of sales proceeds go to LGBT Youth organizations supported by Brandon Shire.

”Two men,” Hunter said, “pulling each other in to the center of a circle.”

The abrupt ending of Afflicted (I) left me breathless; I needed more, immediately. Luckily, the wait was worth it. This contemporary romance stands out primarily due to the unique character that is Hunter Stephens. However, it’s the sex, and the sex, and the hot, hot, hot sex that cements this story. The non-visual descriptions allow the reader a special experience that is like nothing else. Through Hunter and Dillon’s sexual explorations they learn everything about one another. They see what is beautiful and what is broken. From outside influences and internal struggles there is much to overcome before they can make a solid commitment.

I suggest really trying to read this book while considering how you would describe things if you couldn’t see. Had never seen. Your words would undoubtedly be different. I found that Hunter’s descriptions of physical attributes, whether Dillon’s or nature's, were often connected to emotions. The descriptions of emotions that Dillon’s body felt like to Hunter is fascinating and makes for a rare reading experience. It is Masculine and Raw and very Real.

THE STORY Sort of...

>Sex in the cabin was about confessions and demons.
>Sex against the wall, well that was just about lust and power.
>Sex in the kitchen was about discovering something new. And spicy!
>Sex, public sex, was about so many things, but mostly about Brandon giving us a gift. Holy hell, what a gift. Thank you Mr. Shire!!!!

Honestly there is a lot more to the story than sex, and it's all poignant, pertinent and captivating.


It’s not space I want…” Hunter said as he reached up and captured the side of Dillon’s face in his palm.He ran his thumb across Dillon’s chin, feeling the small stubble. “…It’s breadth,…

Mr. Shire’s writing in Afflicted II is straight-forward without as much lyrical prose found in Afflicted. I found his composition tight and the story arc was perfection . There is a new-found ease that works well for this story.


Hunter Stephens- Arrogant, defensive, fiercely independent and gorgeous. He’s blind, but that’s everyone else’s problem. He might even throw a tantrum or two to prove it. Oh, my little ninja.

Because I’m impulsive, and immature, and…in love with you..

Dillon Chambers- A broken survivor; Dillon will steal your heart. Sweet, tender, gentle. OH WAIT, he can also dominate the hell out of Hunter. Really.

Others- Every secondary character is well-developed and intriguing on their own:

Travis – Worth fixing? I don’t know.
Lydia – Let’s get her a real man.
Margie – We could all use a Margie in our lives. Let’s get her laid.
Connie – There isn’t enough Connie in this story, but she’s perfect.
Roland – Hmm, a fighter, a savior, a pimp. Hmm.


His cries became a weight; a mass that was more than either of them could tolerate.

His touch was like liquid sugar; sweet, and hot, and running so slowly over Hunter’s skin that it felt like he was on fire everytime Dillon caressed him with his lips.


**My sincerest thanks to Brandon Shire for providing me with an eARC of this wonderful story in exchange for an honest review.

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