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Finding ZachFinding Zach by Rowan Speedwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ISBN-13: 978-1-61581-447-3
Pages: 264
Cover Artist: Catt Ford

Categories: Novels, Contemporary, Rowan Speedwell
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    Book Description/Review Below:

    For five years, Zach Tyler, son of one of the worlds richest software moguls, was held hostage, tortured, and abused. When he is rescued at last from the Venezuelan jungle, he is physically and psychologically shattered, but he slowly begins to rebuild the life he should have had before an innocent kiss sent him into hell. His childhood best friend David has lived those years with overwhelming guilt and grief. Every relationship David has tried has fallen apart because of his feelings for a boy he thought dead. When Zach is rescued, David is overjoyed and then crushed when Zach shuts him out. Two years later, David returns home, and he and Zach must come to terms with the rift between them, what they feel for each other, and what their future could hold. But Zach has secrets, and one of them might well destroy their fragile love.

    Powerful. This book gives us a hard, deep look behind the effects of utterly inhuman treatment and how, for Zach Tyler, he even begins to find himself again.

    Hatred, anger, torture, inhumanity, shame, a beaten and defeated spirit how can a human be whole again? Through love, tough love, friendship, devotion, sex, tenderness, honesty and patience. It's all in this one book, an amazing journey that may not be for everyone. I very much recommend this read, if you can stomach some of the graphic nature of the story. It is very worthwhile.


    Zach - "I'm fucked up,..."

    Zach Tyler - At 15, Zach is fresh, open, inquisitive and highly intelligent. Five years later, he is damaged, defective, and inhuman. When he begins acting angry, belligerent and caustic, it's an improvement.

    David - He shuddered and he didn't know if it was fear, misery...or arousal. Shit.

    David Evans - After losing his best friend David has to learn how to let go...again. David's genius lay in his stubborn, hard, yet gentle love.


    The fingers had turned gentle, not stopping him now, but holding him, connecting him with David like an extension cord to the heart.

    Honestly, I wasn't struck or un-struck by the writing, which I think is saying something. The writing didn't get in the way of this strong story but it was compelling. It could easily have taken away from the depths of the story if the imagery had been too strong. I think the talented author knowingly drove the reader's imagination to fill in the horrifying blanks. I know I visited a few dark corners of my mind while reading this.


    ...but love -- that was asking more than he felt ready to give. It was commitment. It was eternity. It was prison...

    Zach and David's story is deep and unique and whole and hard. The focus is on Zach's reemergence into humanity, but it's clear how his capture has affected so many others, particularly David. David tried to move on from Zach's kidnapping, but he remained "emotionally unavailable." David has nearly as much of a difficult struggle ahead of him as Zach, it's an engrossing part of the story. Zach's parents are almost too perfect in this story and yet I find myself hoping that I would respond the same way if a tragedy like this one ever crossed my path.

    I've focused on the heavy, dark, emotional aspect of this story, but I should be clear there is a lot of love here. Good, sexy, enjoyable love.

    "Jesus, Taff, you're like hot and cold running boyfriend," Zach complained. "I'm not surprised your lovers dumped you--I'm surprised they didn't murder you."


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