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Promises Made Under FirePromises Made Under Fire by Charlie Cochrane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On sale date: Feb 25, 2013
Available at: Carina Press
Historical Romance
eISBN: 9781426895128
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4.5 Surprising Stars

Historical MM romance set during World War I.

Book Description/Review Below:

Lieutenant Tom Donald envies everything about fellow officer Frank Foden—his confidence, his easy manner with the men in the trenches, the affectionate letters from his wife. Frank shares these letters happily, drawing Tom into a vicarious friendship with a woman he's never met. Although the bonds of friendship forged under fire are strong, Tom can't be so open with Frank—he's attracted to men and could never confess that to anyone.

When Frank is killed in no-man's-land, he leaves behind a mysterious request for Tom: to deliver a sealed letter to a man named Palmer. Tom undertakes the commission while on leave—and discovers that almost everything he thought he knew about Frank is a lie…

Full of surprises, mysteries, history and colloquialisms.

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I'd been smitten, knocked off my feet as surely as if I'd got a Blighty one and, this time, there was a chance he'd reciprocate.


Captain Tom Donald - Brave on the battlefied, but not as sure in his personal life. Tom Donald realizes time is fleeting.

Frank Foden - Honest, steadfast. He and Tom are perfectly paired to fight battles and more.

Veronica - Frank's wife, a doctor, is extraordinary.


Strong bonds are formed between comrades. Living vicariously through happiness of others is one way to lift the oppression of war.

Despite the bleak nature of trench warfare during The Great War, 1914-1918, I found this to be a true love story. The atrocious conditions that surrounding this story do not smother it. Instead, it's the constant knowledge that life is precious and moments are fleeting that drives this story forward.

Letters from home hold whispers of truth. I kept going back to the letters even before I finished my first read. Then after my second read, the letters brought new light to the story.

"I've enjoyed your letters so much,"...

"You've stolen my very words,"...

It's easy to imagine the impact letters from the homeland would carry.


Fifteen pages in and I had tears in my eyes. It surprised me to find that I could connect to these characters so quickly in this novelette.

Some could argue that the romance develops too quickly, but I don't see it that way at all. You have to consider the passage of time during warfare.

Early colloquialisms may put some off, but just read through; it really sets the time frame perfectly.

I find myself simultaneously wanting to analyze bits and pieces, but also, to let it stand. I think this would be a great little discussion generator.

MM sex is only alluded to (off screen), but in a lovely way this carries the tone and dignity of the story toward a sexual relationship.

[I just finished it, again, and I can recommend it whole-heartedly. Emotional, but no real angst, still moving and lovely. This would be an excellent entry point into MM romance.]



On Sale Date: Feb 25, 2013

My thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for providing me with a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.


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