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Reactivated by Caitlin West 2/5 Stars

Reactivated (Killer Contingency, #1)Reactivated by Caitlin West
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Published by and Available at: Extasy Books
ISBN #:978-1-77111-437-0 Series: Killer Contingency # 1Word Count:20684Page Count: 94


2.5 Stars with potential

The concept for this book had "me" written all over it: Cold, callus assassin meets lively actor who awakens something long thought dead.

This book just misses by being uncomfortable and awkward. 

Book Description/Review Below:

Ardan Boyle has spent the majority of his life as a freelance assassin. Working throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, he only accepts contracts for the most vile of criminals, for those who have made themselves 'above the law'. His success can be measured in the reduction of criminal filth in the Old World but even this service to the world has a price: the total detachment from his humanity.

Enter Brad Myles, an aspiring actor and businessman. Their chance meeting at an airport awakens something Ardan thought long dead and even as they become acquainted, it becomes obvious that maybe there's a cure for a lifetime of apathy. Nothing comes for free though and while Ardan may be on the road to recovery, his past is not quite so easily shed.


Ardan Boyle - Professional assassin, arrogant, apathetic and calculating.

Brad Myles - This is where it falls apart for me. Brad is supposed to be fresh, lively, warm and real, but I just didn't feel him.

Brad could have benefited from a POV, while Ardan could have been a bit more broken. I suppose the author was trying to portray Ardan as emotionless, but even that just didn't come through.


My head felt like a wet towel was wrapped around it and it kept getting tighter and tighter.

The action scenes are well done, engrossing and visual, but it's the intimate relationship bits that fall far short. The interaction between Ardan and Brad is awkward and uninspired. If this was strictly an action novella I think it would work and I would continue on with the series. At times it almost felt like two different people were writing; one style being accomplished, the other quite amateurish.

Finally a couple of pretty big jumps in both time and assumption were just too much to ignore. Again, I did enjoy the action aspect, but that wasn't enough for me to up my rating to three stars.


I sincerely thank the author and for providing me with ARC of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.


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