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Cambion - Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman - 4 Stars

Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman (Cambion, #2)Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman 
by Cari Z.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Available at: Storm Moon Press and Amazon
Release Date February 08, 2013
Book Type Serial
Category Gay
ISBN 978-1-937058-88-3
Cover Art  Nathie Block
Heat Rating
abuse themes, angels, dark themes, demons, friends with benefits, incest, M/M, mythology, non-con, paranormal, religious themes, sadism, speculative fiction, torture, urban fantasy

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4 Sexy Hot M/M PNR Stars

I’m totally hooked! Episode 2 clinched this serial for me. The slowly building relationship between Rio and Dev is wrapped with graphically gratifying, sexy treats and sweetness. So Hot! The great twisted, action-adventure/mystery going on is developing well too.

I love how the Cambion element erases all sense of “inappropriateness” for Devon…and me. Expecting him to refrain from sex would be like asking a dog to stop sniffing around. It’s just what he does, naturally. And he “does it”, naturally, very well. 


Episode 2: Black Magic Woman
Tracking Porter Grey means making a deal with Lynlis Syfer, a witch with a gift for finding the unfindable. It takes something special to catch the eye of a woman like that, and so Devon and Rio split up in order to blacken the eyes of Lynlis' two main rivals. But that just gets them in the door. To secure her help requires a sacrifice that may be higher than the boys can afford.


You know it’s good when you can’t tell which MC you want more.

“More,” Devon panted once he was capable of speech. “Again. Just like this, I can take it, I want to.”
“I can do that,” Rio said.

Devon - “Mmmyesss,” Devon said, purring like a kitten. “That’s so… that was so… hhmmmm.” – His incoherent purring just gives me tummy thrills. Oooh, and just wait 'til he takes you shopping!

Rio - …the bottom line…effective violence. Seven feet of mysterious, smooth killing, lover. And, he’s sensitive too.


This episode focuses on separate tasks, and then a combined effort for Rio and Devon. They each get to use their “special talents” (and these boys have…talents), like sex appeal and assassination. But it’s the skills they use on each other that will have you back for more.

Rio and Devon are damn hot together, even if they’re not really a couple…yet. Their chemistry is sweet and spicy and is just getting better and better. The way this episode ends has me absolutely dying to know how Cari Z is going to handle Devon’s predicament, and how Rio is going to “handle” Devon.


I haven’t read Cari Z before this serial and I’m taken by her ease at combining PNR with the contemporary world. Her sex scenes are fun and erotic and her steam-control-valve on the developing romantic relationship is adjusted just right. I really want to read more of her work.


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I sincerely thank Storm Moon Press for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
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