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Don't by Jack L. Pyke 5 Stars

Don't...Don't... by Jack L. Pyke
5 of 5 Stars

ebook, 354 pages
Published December 13th 2012 by Fantastic Fiction Publishing (first published December 12th 2012)
ISBN13 9781622340781
edition language English 
Available at: Amazon  
**Novel (120,000 words)
(M/M - For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher's site.)

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…WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first chapter I had to relearn my British a bit, then I was off and running. I can’t really tell you if I was more into the thriller or the sex content. Both equally, I guess. Hot, sexy, thrilling, edge-of-your-seat stuff here.

Believe it or not this was my first m-m-m ménage read and I loved it. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but, well, it’s mine. Yay, whole new genre.


"Don't... open me."

Three simple words that tease Jack, taking him places from his dark past. For Jack, BDSM is a way to resist his worst impulses. Yet, the stranger calling himself The Unknown seeks to use that to seduce him.

As Jack slips further down into the abyss, two men hold the power to save him. Will it be Gray, the Master who knows Jack's every secret? Or Jan, the first man to give Jack a reason to hope? With deadly ghosts coming out to play, Jack may lose everything, even his life.


Jack - He’s one complex character. The kind of character that has you asking so many questions. Questions to help you understand human nature and response. I love this stuff. Jack is a Master Dom’s sub, with unique power tendencies and an OCD/ODD condition to just twist things up a bit.

Colour flushed my cheeks… "Caged lover.” Jan’s breath was against my ear. “Intriguing.” A very discreet rub of the back of his hand down the cage shaft.

Jan - Mmmmmm, yeah I really, really like Jan. Sexy, young, intelligent, kind and vanilla in a very, very different world. When he and Jack meet it’s instant attraction and action.

I’d never been around a guy who wore a dress, certainly not one who wore a dress like that. … long legs, small frame, yet when she’d sat on my lap, male had made its presence known, and every confusion in me had disappeared.

Gray - Well here’s the mystery man at his best. Even after finishing this book I’m not completely clear on him. That’s not a bad thing, it just adds to the intrigue.

That was his puller, making you seem like nothing else in the world mattered to him but you. Pity it was only a party trick..


The complexity of this straight-forward story is amazing. Yes, I got lost, then I totally got it only to find out I didn’t know anything. There’s sweet romance mixed with a very twisted background mystery/thriller all surrounded in a wild, privileged BDSM world that even vanilla me wants to be involved in.

Trust, respect, compassion.

I definitely want more and, if I had any complaints, it would be that while the story felt complete I just didn’t get enough. I want to spend more time in the Masters’ Circle and more time watching Jack, Jan and Gray.


The brilliance in this writing lies in the authors ability to completely wrap you up in the scenes she’s building. She creates a very full world with constantly moving elements that have your mind so focused you-are-there.

Combine that with characters that jump off the page and I think you’ve got it all. Jack’s gruff nature. Jan’s gentle tenderness. Gray’s sophisticated cool. I think there’s something for 'almost' everyone.


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