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If It Flies: Market Garden by L.A. Witt, A. Voinov 4 Stars

If It Flies (Market Garden, #3)If It Flies by L.A. Witt  and Aleksandr Voinov
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Available at: Riptide Publishing
eBook ISBN: 978-1-62649-004-8
eBook release: Mar 11 2013
eBook formats:pdf, mobi, html, epub
Word count: 35,300
Page count: 139
Cover by: Jordan Taylor

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4 Intense Stars

Spencer braced against the bed and forced back tears that were increasingly from pleasure more than pain.
Pleasure? From--
God, yes.

Longer than the first two books in the series combined, this book plays with deeper connections. I thought the Market Garden books might maintain the lighter, sweeter tone of the first two, but no. Instead, Witt and Voinov approached this one with more intensity, if you can believe it. One of the things they did carry over though, was the tempo of building a scene. If they’re trying to get you off, they’re successful. Is that saying too much?

Told from Spencer’s POV, it’s clear why he’s attracted to Nick. What isn’t completely clear is, why the sudden change in Nick? Presumably the next book will show his POV, and that should be EPIC. I find Nick a very interesting character. A beautiful, young blonde guy who’s a Dom just doesn’t fit my preconceived notions. Why I have preconceived notions of Doms is another topic all together.

So strange, being this offbalance and aroused at the same time.

This BDSM tale may not suit the same audience that books 1 & 2 did; the sweeter tone isn’t here but the MC’s find in each other exactly what they need. I appreciate the time the authors took to get me into a headspace where I could understand how pain can enhance the moment. I love the “sparks of light” analogy and if that is truly what it’s like for some, then yes; I can grasp the concept and the pull of that experience. I hope the Market Garden books choose to explore all kinds of sexual experiences, after all that’s exactly what a garden should offer…variety.

The stars are coming out.

If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.
Spencer is in a rut. Long hours at the law firm are sucking the life out of him, and he doesn’t have time or energy for a relationship. He’s lonely, horny, and itching for something new, so he tries the Market Garden, an exclusive—and expensive—brothel. Spencer isn’t in the door five minutes before a cocky rentboy makes his move.
Nick isn’t just any rentboy, though. He’s a Dom, he’s a sadist, and he’s everything Spencer didn’t know he was missing. One night turns into more, and before long, Spencer is one of Nick’s regular clients.
Both men think they’re just scratching each other’s backs: Spencer’s exploring a submissive, masochistic side he never knew he had, and Nick is getting off and getting paid. But as time goes on, it’s clear their strictly professional arrangement . . . isn’t, and if Nick has one hard limit, it’s that he doesn’t get romantically entangled with his johns. The problem is, while Nick doesn't want to be owned, Spencer’s no longer content with just renting.


Spencer - By day Spencer is an overworked, highly stressed attorney who needs to let go of some tension. At night, with Nick, he’s a emerging masochist.

”I’ll be honest here. I’m new to this.” […]
“What does two hours with Nick get me, anyway?”

Nick - We know he’s a skilled Dom and a sadist. We know he’s cocky and sexy as hell. But that’s about it. He’s still a mystery and I’m okay with that…for now.

Nick was gone. Completely gone. A phantom who’d slipped back into the shadows, leaving only goose bumps as evidence he’d ever been there at all.


Again, I have to mention the stellar pacing of the writing. By stretching out the intro and giving us a little more insight into Spencer’s world it allows the reader to find themselves in Spencer’s head when he does eventually get together with Nick. And, when they do come together it’s an amazing view of a very different relationship.

There is still a lot to be answered and it’s difficult to see how such a relationship, with all it’s obstacles could flourish, but I’m anxious to see where it goes.

Nick, the one that slipped in and out of the bedroom like smoke under the door,...

OH yeah, I want more of that!

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Thank you to Riptide Publishing and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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