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The Green-Eyed Monster (Crucifox, #1) by Melanie Tushmore 3.5 Stars

The Green-Eyed Monster (Crucifox, #1)The Green-Eyed Monster by Melanie Tushmore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Available at: Storm Moon Press and Amazon
Series Crucifox
Length 99,000 words 241 pages
Release Date March 01, 2013
Book Type Novel
Category Gay, Bisexual
ISBN 978-1-937058-48-7
Cover Art Ria Chantler
Heat Rating

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3.5 Rockin' Stars!!!

Thrust into the 80’s London alt-rock scene, there’s no doubt that sex, drugs and all the rest are alive and kicking. The gritty club scene is one thing, but then you’re subjected to the grotty communal living conditions that somehow make you yearn for that kind camaraderie. The descriptive drug use and sex are in-your-face and very authentic. There’s also a m-m-f ménage scene just to add some more spice.

Admittedly it did take me a while but, hot boy lovin’ mixed with awkward relationship development eventually won me over. Plus, the weird, crazy, wild-ride ending that threw me for a loop and had me not knowing what to expect next, totally blew my mind. I’ll have to stick around with this series, if nothing more, just to see if the author can take another sharp left turn and surprise me again. 

Sky Somers is an ex-traveller; the son of a folk musician and a new age hippy. Sky's form of rebellion is electric guitars, and he wants his own band. His desire is to set the world to rights through music. Brandon Cruikshank is new to London, recently arrived from Glasgow. Charismatic, charming; a natural born performer. Brandon is openly bisexual, with a penchant for dressing in women's clothes. His desire is to be adored.

From the moment Sky meets Brandon, he knows he has to have him. Brandon, in turn, wants Sky. But that's when it becomes clear they both have very different desires in mind. Brandon wants Sky as a lover, yet Sky only wants Brandon as a singer in his band. Misunderstanding set aside—or apparently so—Brandon and Sky become firm friends. To escape equally troubled pasts and families, they change their names. Now, Brandon Fox and Sky St. Clair are ready to take over the world.

As the years roll on, Brandon's desire for Sky still simmers, waiting. Then a chance night sharing a hotel room sparks the desire between them, and this time, Brandon wants it all. Sky has never explored his desires before. Now, the passion and jealousy Brandon has unleashed in him threatens to shake the whole band apart.


Sky - The insecure lead guitarist is an acid using, hardcore musician who’s constantly fighting a past he’s trying to outrun or live up to, I can’t decide which. He’s straight, bi or gay depending on the moment and he’s completely enamored with Brandon, even if he doesn’t know it himself.

”Ah, E is different.” Brandon picked up his flask, taking a sip. “All it does is make you really, really horny.”
“Huh? How do you mean?”
“It just makes you horny. Christ, it’s like bein’ a dog wi’ two dicks, an’ everythin’ feels amazin’.
My face flushed all the harder…
“So, you take a pill, then what happens?”
“You feel incredible.”

Brandon - He’s the perfect front man for Crucifox. Flamboyant is a rather understated description of Brandon. If his smooth cool doesn’t get you, his sexy-as-hell Scottish brogue will. Mmmm. Plus, any boy that uses that much Aqua Net holds a certain charm for me.


From back street dives to envy worthy venues we get to tour along with the band – Crucifox. The early drug induced haze and complete lack of professionalism had me wondering if these guys even had a chance of getting their act together. But it’s the combination of the entire band – the cast of characters – that just works. Cringe worthy behind the scenes glimpses of life in the limelight make the successes feel well earned. Somehow these guys and girls stumble through mind-boggling drug and drink fests, while gaining success along the way. At the same time they learn a bit about themselves.

At times (in fact for a good part of the book) Brandon is a prat, but then so is Sky…urgh, I just want to shake these boys!

The band's highs and lows are not smooth. Just when you think you can relax and enjoy their success it all goes to hell. Hang on for a fanatical, bizarre and wild ending that just comes out of nowhere. ROCK & ROLL Maaaaan!


Initially I found the first person style clunky, but it actually improved throughout the book. The voices did take on a tone of their own, eventually and connections were made. A few scenes seemed to go nowhere or nowhere for now…this is a series, after all. We’ll have to see where it goes. I was curious to see if the series will continue to focus on Sky and Brandon, but a little bird just told me book two is in Brandon’s voice. That is a very good thing. *maybe I can get it in audiobook ‘cus I can’t get enough of that delicious brogue, hmmm.

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I would like to thank Storm Moon Press for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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