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Overture: Life of the Party by S.L. Armstrong 3.5 Stars

Overture: Life of the PartyOverture: Life of the Party by S.L. Armstrong
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Available at: Storm Moon Press and Amazon
ebook, 38 pages

Published March 8th 2013 by Storm Moon Press

ISBN13 9781937058982

Edition Language English
Series  Immortal Symphony: Overture #2
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3.5 Stars

Caveat: Open relationships, orgy and underage encounters, drug use. 

You’re invited to a lavish orgy. 

So far this serial has had hot m/m sexiness, m/f/m ménage, and now a very exclusive orgy. Dorian doesn’t do things halfway. 

Episode 2: Life of the Party
Gabriel's first glimpse into Dorian's lifestyle was only the beginning, and now he finds himself tumbling further down the rabbit hole. Dorian's birthday party introduces Gabriel to some of Dorian's friends, all as free-spirited and debauched as Dorian himself. Through them, he learns that he isn't the first that Dorian has drawn into his web this way, not even the hundred-and-first. And yet somehow, all of Gabriel's concerns instantly seem strangely inconsequential at Dorian's slightest touch, fueling Michael's fears that there is so much more to Dorian than they could guess.

Gabriel Lawrence - Young, fresh, amorous. Naive???

Michael Lawrence - Gabriel’s ethereal brother…and conscience???

Dorian Gray - Still beautiful, flawed and completely debauched…and yet there’s something….???

He might have gotten jealous if Dorian hadn't straightened with an amused chuckle and pulled him closer. It drew everyone's attention to him, and being in the spotlight in front of such a gorgeous group made him want to retreat. There was nowhere to hide, however, and Dorian grinned at the group. "I would like you all to meet Gabriel. [...]
"Gabriel? Like the angel?"


Honestly, there isn’t much forward movement in this episode, except to open Gabriel’s eyes to everything Dorian has to offer. Gabriel arrives at Dorian’s sumptuous estate and is instantly swept into a world of opulence and excess. While Gabe just wants to enjoy the fantasy; Michael is in desperately trying to get Gabe back to reality.

Gabriel is presented at a “coming out” party of sorts. He is indeed the “Life of the Party.”


The authors are still developing the plot so it isn’t clear yet what’s lying underneath the surface. I think the pacing is intentional and clever, but we’ll need to see some enlightening reveals soon.


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I sincerely thank Storm Moon Press for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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