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Cambion #4 by Cari Z - 5/5 Stars

Dark Around the Edges: Put the Gun Down (Cambion #4) 
Dark Around the Edges: Put the Gun Down by Cari Z.

Available at Storm Moon Press and Amazon
ebook, 43 pages
Published May 10th 2013 by Storm Moon Press LLC
ISBN13 9781627570084
edition language English

5 Stars – Yeah, five stars for a serial!

Well, well, well call me a liar. Before reading this episode I think I said this series couldn’t get any better. Was I ever wrong. Cari Z just keeps delivering. This episode goes from pure fun, to sexy cross dressing, to absolute catastrophe.


Devon Harper - As a cambion Dev is empowered by orgasms... other peoples orgasms. He loves getting people off. But there’s no one he loves pleasing more than Rio.

Rio Pagani - We’ve learned a lot about Rio in the last few books, but the man is still a mystery. In this book we learn that Rio’s inner calm can be shattered after all.


In this episode Dev is back in action, and oh boy, am I ever glad. He has to do a little cross-dressing for the good of the mission, of course, and it’s an absolute pleasure to read all about it. Steven, the new side-kick is the beneficiary of Devon’s little performance. What a lucky, lucky guy.

"What--I--why're we looking at ladies' knickers?" Steven demanded.
"Contingency plan," was all Devon said.
"But come on, give me your opinion." He waved the bra around again.
Steven rolled his eyes but finally took the question seriously. "Black lace is boring. So's white. Go bold if you're gonna go at all."
"Good idea," Devon agreed. He looked through the other options in his chest size. Red was obvious, green always made him feel like a hooker, pink was too teenage girl... he finally decided on violet satin, with matching garters and stockings.

Meanwhile, Rio makes sure that Dev knows exactly who he’s coming back to.

The closing scene ends in a huge twist and is a total game changer. Very exciting!


As I said above there is a lot going on in this book, but it never feels rushed. It moves along very smoothly, with the right action and the right dialog in all the right places. Are there cliff-hangers each episode? Yeah, sure. It wouldn’t be a serial if there weren’t. And that’s what makes this so much fun; knowing that you’re going to get more of this sexy, tender thrill-ride in the next episode.

Note: If you order the 'Season Pass' from Storm Moon Press you get bonus episodes and a final compiled ebook of all the episodes. And I think you save money that way too.

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Thank you Storm Moon Press and Cari Z for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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