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Interview with author Anna Zabo - Slow Waltz

We’re talking today with Anna Zabo, the author of CloseQuarter and Slow Waltz available at Loose Id and Amazon.
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Slow Waltz, a Spring Fling short story comes out on Tuesday, May 7th! From May 7th until the 12th, Slow Waltz will be FREE at Loose Id, and then 99 cents after that. Also, only at the Loose Id site, from the 7th to the 12th, Close Quarter will be $2 off the cover price! They have every e-reader format imaginable at the site, too!

Here's the blurb for Slow Waltz:

New lovers Rhys Matherton and Silas Quint finally have a chance to breath easy and enjoy a well-earned respite on board a transatlantic cruise to New York City. But the lack of danger gives Rhys too much time to think about the enormity of falling in love with a man who isn’t human. He’s not sure love at first sight can last, especially when your lover is fae. Sure, the sex is fantastic, but that’s not enough to hang the rest of your potentially immortal life upon.
To distract himself, Rhys suggests he and Silas take a set of lessons to learn to waltz. The plan backfires when they are paired with two older women—one of whom reminds Rhys of his recently deceased mother. Instead of being able to ignore thinking about his future with Silas, he’s actively questioned about his lover. And it seems the whole boat knows who he’s sleeping with.
As Rhys learns the steps of the waltz, he has to decide if he’ll continue to dance around what he feels for Silas or if he’ll finally learn to trust in his partner’s love for him.

Lisa: Hi Anna, thank you for being here today. It’s great to be part of your itty bitty Blog Tour.

Anna: Thank you! It’s great to be here! 

L: Please tell us a little about yourself, why you write m/m erotica and, if you don’t mind, a random tidbit about yourself or your characters.

A: Let’s see...I live in Pittsburgh, which is far more fun that it sounds! I drive a yellow Mini Cooper, which is exactly as fun as it sounds, and when I’m not writing, I like to get down and dirty...gardening. 

I kind of fell into writing M/M and romance...I was much more of a fantasy author (which I still write as well) but I was reading a lot of hotter m/m romance. I’ve had gay and bi characters in my fantasy novels, so the shift to romance wasn’t all that hard...and if I was going to dive into a genre, I might as well go all the way. Uh. As it were... 

I do like the dynamic of m/m fiction and some of the romance tropes I can play with or turn sideways. You’re not as constrained by gender and genre expectations in m/m, I’ve found.A tidbit... hmm. Of all the characters in Close Quarter, there’s probably the most of “me” in Vasil, the erstwhile waiter. You know, if I were male and from Eastern Europe, rather than female and merely descended from Eastern Europeans. But there’s usually a little of me in ever character I write. 

L: You know I read and loved Close Quarter, see my review here, but tell me can readers read Slow Waltz before Close Quarter?

A: I think so. I tried to balance the interest of new readers with the interest of folks who have read Close Quarter, which was a bit challenging. I don’t go into any great detail about the events in Close least no more than the blurb for the book does.

It’s more about Rhys coming to terms with himself and his relationship now that he’s not running for his life any more.
L: The cover art for Slow Waltz is mmmm, delicious. I just want to lick those whiskers right off his face. Oh wait! That wasn’t a question (and oops, I am a married woman). Is that Silas? ‘Cus that could be my Silas.

A: It’s actually a shared cover for all the Loose Id Spring Flings. But he does look very much like I’d picture Silas, so I’d like to think that it is him! And yeah, he’s very lickable, isn’t he?

L: Two guys dancing, especially waltzing together is pretty damn sexy. Is there anything else that they get up to in Slow Waltz?

A: Lets see...well they take dance lessons and meet some nice older ladies. They have a bit of dessert. Oh! And they take an elevator ride. A long one. Because of a bet. And, um. Yeah. *cough* 
L: [I've gotten a chance to read Slow Waltz since conducting this interview and trust me, you will want to play on the elevator just like you wanted to as a kid, ...but for entirely different reasons. Super hot scene!]

L: Close Quarter is m/m erotica. There is a lot of hot, steamy, visual sex. Uhm, again not a question. Just a PSA, because it’s my duty to inform as a blogger.

A: There is. I kind of took the erotic part of erotic romance to heart with Close Quarter. *laughs*
L: Uh huh, and I am SO glad you did ;)

L: Questions like, “what inspired you to write Close Quarter?”, are pretty mundane. But, I am dying to know if you took a cruise and were stirred? If you've discovered a cruise line that provides Fae for entertainment, please let me know.

A: The idea actually came from a snippet of a dream where there was this fae vampire hunter taking out vampires onboard a Victorian-era cruise ship...much more action-oriented and steampunky than Close Quarter turned out to be. I got to thinking that the idea of a ship full of vampires was pretty darn scary, even for a fae with a sword.
When I started the book, I’d never been on a cruise. However, I was lucky enough to go on a Mediterranean cruise while I was writing Close Quarter. So there’s a whole chunk of the book that was written while sitting on a deck chair, watching the world go by. I wish I could find a line with fae entertainment. Truly. You’d probably never get me home again.

L: Readers need to discover the absolute magic that is Rhys and Silas, and how, these guys just can’t stop touching each other. You had them practically jumping off the pages in these scenes. Was this really your first experience writing m/m?

A: Kind of, sort of, yes? It was my first time writing full-on m/m sex scenes. There’s a piece of Shakespeare fan fiction I wrote that has implied m/m sex (there’s a link on my website here:, but it’s more sweet than steamy. And I’ve written a fantasy novel that has obvious m/m influences, but no sex. I read quite a bit of m/m, though, and a lot of it is on the hotter side. I suspect that helped a lot!
L: What should we expect in a sequel? There will be a sequel right?

A: There will be a sequel. Actually, I have at least two planned. At the moment, I’m working on a book that follows up on what happens to Vasil, the very human waiter who ends up seeing far more than he should have seen of the paranormal in Close Quarter. He’s never quite the same after that...
L: [*squee I've heard readers begging for Vasil's story, so that's gonna be a hit!]
And then there will be the book that follows Rhys and Silas in New York, where all their problems come home to roost, in large unfortunate ways. On the other hand, they’ll be on dry land with access to their own element, so the sex should be fantastic. If no one kills or captures them first. *chuckles*

L: Beside Fae, what other paranormal characters show up on your pages?

A: Vampires and angels. I’ve also hinted at the existence of daemons and phoenix, but they don’t show up in Close Quarter...

L: Your vampires are definitely not twinkly. In fact they’re downright vicious. Do you have personal experience with the bloodsuckers or do you just have really bad dreams?

A: *laughs* Actually, that’s all from hanging out with horror writers! Great folks with very dark ideas in their writing. A bit of that wore off onto me, I think! But I did want to have vampires that were true monsters out to kill their prey, even if they were beautiful and attractive on some level.
Lisa: Once again, thank you so much for spending time with us. Most of all thank you for creating Rhys and Silas, and letting us (me) enjoy them over and over and over.

Anna: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a pleasure.

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