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Portrait of a Crossroads by Kelly Rand - Guest Post

Hi Everyone, I am really happy to be hosting Riptide Publishing's first ever standalone F/F author, Kelly Rand. Portrait of a Crossroads sounds wonderful and the cover is stunning. I couldn't be more pleased that Riptide is expanding their title selection and am happy to support their growth.

Hello there! I’m Kelly Rand, and thanks for joining me on the virtual book tour for Portrait of a Crossroads, my new release from Riptide Publishing, which also happens to be Riptide’s first standalone F/F story—how exciting! As a writer of trans* fiction, f/f, m/m, and more, I’m thrilled to help Riptide expand their rainbow romance catalog. I invite you to comment on my guest posts all week long to share your thoughts on Portrait of a Crossroads, F/F fiction, the weather, or just to just say hello! One lucky commenter will even win a $5 store credit to Riptide Publishing, so don’t be shy! Comment below before midnight on 5/26 to enter.

What better way to get to know Kelly Rand than with a quick quiz? We asked Kelly to answer these questions as fast as she could. Enjoy her rapid-fire answers!

Favorite Song: Anything by Matthew Good. My favourite song and album from him alternates. Right now I’ll say “Under the Influence” from the underrated Audio of Being album.

Favorite Movie: Lilies. It’s a great Canadian film from 1997 with an LGBTQ theme. A love story acted out by prisoners. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Favorite TV Show: America’s Next Top Model. I can’t help myself.

Leather or Latex? Leather.

Naughty or Nice? Naughty from a seemingly nice person.

There you have it, folks! Kelly, thanks for stopping by. We’ll be sure to keep in mind that you only seem nice… ;)

* * *
Blurb: Since finding her father’s body at the bottom of the basement stairs, Annette’s been drifting through her days, watching cars pass down the rural Ontario crossroads beside her house. Her brothers have no great ambitions, but Annette remembers a time when she did. She just can’t remember what they are.
Then she meets her neighbour, Sadie, a tattooed, world-weary, newly single portrait artist. Something about Sadie awakens something in Annette—the essence she captures in her subjects, perhaps, or the way the old familiar crossroads seem so fresh and promising from the view out Sadie’s window.

Annette begins to help Sadie, cleaning brushes and filing invoices between long lazy afternoons of conversations and shared silences. Soon, though, Annette wants more from her enigmatic neighbor, and their slowly heating friendship melts into passionate nights. Somewhere along the way, Annette discovers that her lover has illuminated for her, as with the people Sadie paints, not just her essence but her own endless worlds of possibilities.

Purchase Portrait of a Crossroads from Riptide Publishing here.

About the Author: Kelly Rand lives in southern Ontario, Canada. She has worked as a journalist for more than fifteen years, covering court cases and elections and every kind of human interest story imaginable. She published her first erotic romance in 2012.
She has a particular interest in trans fiction, and has published some and wants to write more of it. She also writes male/male, female/female, and male/female stories that range from figure skater love to sexually disgruntled Canadian musicians. In her more highfalutin moments, she likes to think of her stories as a merger between erotic romance conventions and Southern Ontario Gothic.

When she’s not writing, she likes live music, spontaneous road trips, volunteering with street youth, obsessing over various celebrities, and looking at pictures of cats on the internet.

You can find her at or on twitter as @Rand_Kelly.

Stops for this tour:

May 20, 2013 - Butterfly-O-Meter Books

May 21, 2013 - BiblioJunkies

May 23, 2013 - Fictionators

May 24, 2013 - Joyfully Jay

One lucky commenter will even win a $5 store credit to Riptide Publishing, so don’t be shy! Comment below before midnight on 5/26 to enter. Winner will be drawn randomly and will be contacted via Riptide Publishing. Good luck! Be sure to leave you email dot com.
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