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Chance Assassin by Nicole Castle 4.75 Stars

Chance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and MurderChance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and Murder by Nicole Castle

Kindle Edition, 340 pages
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Language: English
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    • Quirky
    • Weird
    • Twisted
    • Eccentric
    • Murder
    • Death
    • Blood
    • Off-beat humor

    Confession: I love assassin books.

    It feels so wrong, doesn’t it? How could I cheer for the killers, crave to know more about them. Feel sorry for them. Find them Sexy? Maybe it’s that they’re those – oh, so broken, need to be fixed, hate that this is their life characters – that the good girl in me needs to help to... WAIT

    [insert record needle scraaaatch here]

    That’s not what it is about the Chance Assassin boys that I adore so much. It’s that they’re just so, strange. I mean, really strange. These guys aren’t like anyone else you’ve read about. Sure, they’re broken and I do sort of want to understand them. But, they love what they do. It’s their given talent and what the hell, this is what society made them so this is what you’re gonna get. Guilt free is a very good way to approach this kind of book.

    So, like I said, you have these two bad boys, who turn out to be damn good assassins. They’re completely mental and they’re sexy as hell together. Once they finally get together anyway. Plus, Vincent’s cheeky humor surprised the hell out of me. He may know his young life was unfortunate, but he goes with it. Uses it. Survives it. And, he has no shame in using his twinky, good looks to survive. Then there’s shy, reclusive Frank and he is, well…could he just be my assassin? He could shoot me from afar, stab me from behind, strangle me….uh, yeah, just read the book.


    I got hit on a lot. What could I say? I had a prettier face than most women, and an ass that had turned so many heads I deserved a chiropractic commission.

    Vincent - Poor beautiful baby. He’s lost his family, been used, abused, homeless and yet, he has a hilarious sense of humor and self-confidence to spare. The story is told from his POV in a sort of, light-hearted, film noir tone.

    Frank had officially passed from the realm of sexy and slightly dangerous to cute and crazy. For a moment I wanted to hide from him, just so I would never again have to see the sociopathic glint in his pretty green eyes.

    Frank - To be a great assassin one should be cold, removed, emotionless. Well, that’s the persona Frank tries to convey. But I think he feels too much, cares too much and he really takes care of those he cares about. That is until they piss him off.

    We also have a bitch assassin who can completely hold her own, a handler who needs to be handled, and a sweet, innocent, artistic boy in pigtails. Every character was very visual and identifiable.


    Frank and Vincent are brought together by a job gone wrong. From there on out they’re sort of stuck together. With hit jobs being the mechanism for carrying the story forward, it’s the quirky, kinky and weird relationship between Frank and V that will keep you hooked. There was a bit of Bonnie and Clyde styling going on here and it worked. The edginess of the each looming assignment had me slightly concerned, but I was just having too much fun to slow down.


    Character development is what it’s all about with Nicole Castle. I found Frank and Vincent completely engrossing. Their bizarre weirdness and perfect blend of opposite natures make them a couple that excited me no end. I can’t wait to read more about them and follow along on more assignments. They’re just too good at this to stop now.

    I loved being in Frank's arms. It felt special, being that the only other people he ever picked up were dead.

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    I want to thank Nicole Castle for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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