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Dark Around the Edges - Find Me (Cambion 6) by Cari Z 5/5 Stars

Dark Around the Edges Find Me (Cambion #6)Dark Around the Edges Find Me by Cari Z.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Available at: Storm Moon Press and Amazon
ebook, 33 pages
Published August 9th 2013 by Storm Moon Press
ISBN13 9781627570336
edition language English
series Cambion #6

~ ~ ~


Once again I have to ask, WHY AREN’T YOU READING THIS SERIES???? It's fun, sexy, humorous, action filled and just a great, enjoyable diversion!


Devon Harper is a cambion, the offspring of an incubus and one of his female followers. Discovered by those who could've helped him too late to be saved from his nature, he barely survived a brutal childhood before getting a handle on his powers of seduction. Lust, sex, desire: these are second nature to cambion, and are their road to both riches and ruin. Devon has the power to bring people to their knees with a glance, to drive them so crazy with pleasure that they forget their names, and occasionally forget to breathe as well. He could use his birthright to force the world to worship him, but Devon is trying to fight against the pull, to do what he can to track down people with the power to summon a demon and stop them before more cambion can be made. But Devon doesn't realize that the path he and his friends are following is only one strand of a web laid in place by a demon who's not content to wait on the whims of humanity to get out of Hell. Devon is this demon's key to staying above ground permanently, and when he finally catches up with the cambion, he's not taking no for an answer. Episode 6: Find Me Rio's running out of time if he hopes to save Devon. After burning all his bridges, he sets out for Kelowna, willing to sacrifice everything to save his cambion.

NOW is when you want to pick these up. You can get the whole season which includes bonus goodies. Including background on Dev’s dad’s!

Originally I thought this series was just about a tough guy and a sweet, sexy babe, but there’s SO much more to these books than I ever expected.

This episode begins with glimpses of Rio’s past (way past) which intermingle with the present. It all builds toward a battle scene full of tense action. Eventually the story smoothes out to a tender, sweet, and humorous interlude that left me smiling.

I absolutely cannot wait to see where Cari Z takes me next. I’d follow Rio and Dev to heaven OR hell.

It filled him with peace even as he realized, almost too late, that peace was death.


Rio - We learn what a rare and unique being Rio is. Even before we knew he was angelic, he was divine! Warm, strong, handsome, and indecently sexy.

Rio was the island of sanity in a world of confusion and fear, and Devon wanted him desperately.
Dev - A man possessed, but he can overcome anything to be with Rio.

Cressidus Eww. Just ewwwww! Cringe-worthy demon that needs to go back to hell. Go Rio on his ass!!!


Rio’s anguish drives him like a force of nature in this episode. God, to be the object of his affection, whew! Like a precision weapon he is determined to get to Dev, at any cost.

Devon is not really himself right now, but he still holds on for his man. And boy, is it worth it.

“Here we go,” Rio muttered. “Let’s do it right this time, no more slipping away, Devon. Open your eyes.” […] “Open up, honey, open your eyes.”

Devon tried, but his eyelids felt so heavy. He was able to curl his lips up into a little smile, though. “C’lled me h’ney,” he husked,…” […]

“I’ll call you anything you want if you look at me snickerdoodle.”


The way Rio’s undoing is portrayed here is brilliant. He is a man at his wits’ end and you feel it. His ultimate relief is also palpable and so rewarding it’s worthy of reading over and over. (Yeah, I did!)

I could gripe about how the action scene resolved just a little too easily, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. What I wanted out of this episode I got, in spades. The promise of more action, Dev’s dad’s, more Steven and a likely ménage is all titillating enough to have me drooling for Season Two.

~ ~ ~  

I would like to thank Storm Moon Press for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong 4 Stars

No Apologies (Hollywood #1)No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Available at: Loose Id Publishing and Amazon
~ ~ ~

A Well Developed, Long Term Relationship

Military School, Gay Dance Club, Hollywood Premiere, and sex on the beach. Tibby Armstrong gives a lot of story here, she wraps you up in scenes that range from tense to indulgent; distressing to devil-may-care.

THE BLURB:Cheerful and friendly, Aaron Blake has never met a puzzle that intrigues him more than brooding Greg Falkner. He wants to get to know his roommate, but it seems the only way past his shell is through it. When a reluctant friendship turns into a budding romance, can the two keep their feelings secret from their classmates? Or will their newfound love destroy them both?

Or so goes the story screenwriter Greg Falkner spins for audiences and his longtime partner, Aaron Blake, in No Apologies. Loosely based on their lives together, the film rocks Hollywood with its blatant portrayal of two teenagers falling in love and coming of age in a world that struggles to accept them, while they in turn struggle to accept themselves. At the end of the evening, will Greg’s risky venture break a relationship that’s already foundering? Or will the real-life Greg and Aaron also find their happily ever after with No Apologies? Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices, violence.

The way she handles youthful sexual exploration is well done as it develops realistically over time.

Ah, now here’s a book, and a series, that you can get involved in. This is a well developed, long term relationship story with background .It’s great to have reason behind the relationship.

I’ve previously read the first three books, but am doing a reread now of all three. I hadn’t reviewed them before and I wanted them fresh in my head before I read the 4th book in the series, which is out now.

He’d vowed never to expose himself or Aaron to ridicule again.
Except he’d written a screenplay virtually guaranteed to expose them both. Why?


Foreign emotions flitted through him as he transcribed […]
Hurt. Confusion. Loneliness.
As if on cue, a scene manifested, so tangible he had only to pluck it out of the air and place it on paper. He sank into the warm cocoon of fiction—of a world he could control. He loved this headspace. It felt like getting high and getting a hard-on, all in one.

Greg Falkner - Greg is a conundrum. Is he tough or scared? Brilliant or a fool? Awkward or sexy as hell? He’ll frustrate you, rattle you and win your heart. Even if he stumbles over and over.

“…and you’re not the social pariah. You’re just not the dominant paradigm.”

Aaron Blake - Wholesome, kind, loyal and golden gorgeous. He’s the perfect boyfriend. Except he’s not gay.


So turned on.
So fucked up.

The premise is of a screenwriter coming out in an autobiographical film debut. He just hopes his “jury of one”, his long time lover, doesn’t mind the reveal.

During the filming you see a fictional version of Greg and Aaron’s youth. Their trials and traumas are portrayed so well that it’s easy to forget that you’re watching a fabricated version of their lives. It leads to the reader wondering just how much they really know about the “real” Greg and Aaron. Which is a brilliant ploy, I think, to get you to read on in the series. There is much more to know. The happy-for-now ending doesn’t leave you hanging, but you will want to read more.


The author can paint a scene and have you completely in the moment. At times I was so involved in the story that I ached, cheered and cringed right along with the m/c’s. However, there are areas, particularly in the beginning, that lead to an initial confusion. Since the story begins with dialog between Greg and Aaron it’s easy to not understand what’s going on. Stick with it, it all smooths out. In this vein, there were also times that I thought I was going to be left wondering “how” this or “why” that, but most everything is resolved to satisfaction in this book. That doesn’t mean that the author didn’t leave plenty to move forward with though.

~ ~ ~

I would like to sincerely thank Tibby Armstrong and Loose Id Publishing for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

~ ~ ~

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Giving an Inch by Heidi Belleau Amelia Gormley 4 Stars

Giving an Inch (The Professor's Rule #1)Giving an Inch 
by Heidi Belleau   
My rating: 4 stars

Available at: Riptide Publishing and Amazon

ebook, 45 pages
Published April 15th 2013 by Riptide Publishing
original title Giving an Inch
ISBN 1626490163 (ISBN13: 9781626490161)
edition language English

Special News: Join Happily Ever After Saturday, September 28th at 9 pm EST for a Google Hangout. We're discussing this book and other bdsm stories. You can participate live and ask us all sort of things. Hope to see you there.


3.5 Stars

Whew! This turned out to be quite a bit more erotic than I was expecting. Where did I get in into my head that this was going to be some sweet, innocent thing? Did I even check who the authors were? *smacks head Luckily for me, I liked the surprise, a lot, and man Heidi and Amelia make a seamless writing team. Btw, there is sweet and even tender here too, it's just wrapped up in a smoking hot scene.


School is back in session. History grad James Sheridan thinks his biggest problem in life is trying to find a suitable outfit for his upcoming Ph.D. candidacy exam. That is, until he accidentally texts a changing-room selfie meant for his fashionable sister to his ex, the domineering Professor Carson. James and Carson haven’t seen each since James fled their power games two years ago. Back in his undergrad days, Carson was his Professor, and not just in the academic sense: a man of unusual tastes and extreme sexual demands, James had been happy to sate Carson’s savage appetites. Too happy, in fact. He never could trust himself not to let Carson push too far. Now James is older and wiser, and sharing some seriously flirtatious vibes with a cute menswear rep. When Carson replies to James’s errant text, ready to pick up where they left off, James can’t help being drawn back into Carson’s control. It’s only when Carson suggests involving the salesman that James has to ask himself how far is too far, and whether he’s willing to go there with Carson again. 


James Sheridan - Grad student, sub, and he needs a suit. It seems he's in the right department.

Professor Carson - Dom by text? Well, why not? We haven't really even met him yet and I already want more.

Satish - Personal shopper extraordinaire!!!

So beautiful, my sweet. I know how hard it was for you to do that. Thank you.

And with those words, the shame was almost gone, washed away with pride and delight. He'd pleased the Professor. It never got old. It never faded. Not even when he wished and prayed it would.


A little shopping, a little alteration (or is that flirtation), an errant text and a private dressing room lead to a new chapter in James Sheridan's life. In the past his ex-Dom had all the control, but James has learned a few things about himself since leaving his Professor. Even if the Professor still has things James wants, James is determined to get what he needs.


Really quick, snappy writing. These authors are on a roll.

I was surprised to see the level of attention given to explaining James' internal thought process. He has a lot to work through here. As the story begins we see James as a rather insecure, reserved college student. There is more depth to him than that however and I think it'll be interesting to see where his character goes.

As someone who's had a few thoughts on public exhibition (even dressing room fantasies) I did find parts of this scene to be just a tad over the edge of unbelievability. Still, it was hot and fun to read, so I'm not going to let that hold me back a bit. With the lingering potential of a threesome or something, I for one can't wait to read on.


I sincerely thank Netgalley and Riptide Publishing for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

~ ~ ~

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A Secret Love by Douglas Black 4/5 Stars

A Secret LoveA Secret Love by Douglas Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ebook, First, 39 pages
Published July 11th 2013 by Evernight Publishing
ISBN13 9781771304788
edition language English 
Available at: Evernight Publishing and Amazon
~ ~ ~

3.5 Stars

A secret rendezvous, wrapped in a too-good-to-be-true romantic life plan had me holding my breath to see how this would turn out.


James is nervous when he pulls into the parking lot of the secluded and conservative Caledonian Hotel. He slips off his wedding ring, gives a false name at reception, and checks into his room. When Mark finally arrives, James expects their time together to conform to the usual pattern, but Mark surprises him. Mark wants candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. James, well, James just wants to make up for lost time. More importantly, he doesn’t want to get caught. They have six months left before they can start a new life together and James is desperate to be discrete. Unfortunately, he never could control himself around Mark. Throw in an interfering old couple and some very public displays of affection and Mark and James’s short hotel stay might just be about to destroy not only the secrecy that has always shrouded their relationship, but also their future together.


Mark - Bold and sexy and famous. He wants to flaunt his relationship with James, he wants the whole world to know. He just has to stick to the plan.

James - Gorgeous, nervous and a little timid. He’s got to keep it together, but waiting is the hardest part.


More than lovers, Mark and James, lead separate lives in the hopes of one day realizing their dream. Within this story you’ll see what these two men have endured to be together. Constant worry about being discovered and having to play it safe is nearly overwhelming.

As you become fully immersed in the book you’ll find yourself both wondering why they have to be incognito and hoping their beautiful relationship can succeed.

“You’re being reckless,” James said, downing his champagne.
“Because I love you. And it doesn’t matter anymore.”
“It does matter. It still matters. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Anyone could see us. Anyone. You want to blow this now? With the end in sight?”

The ending will leave you smiling and wishing you had such a plan.


Clean, crisp story telling that holds just enough back to keep things interesting. Graphic, but lovely sex scenes are the authors forte’.

One bone of contention, and it’s probably just me, is the obligatory angry, bigoted elderly couple. This trope bugs me, I’ve read it over and over in this genre. It was enough to know these guys are kept apart by “other circumstances.” The bigotry in real life is understood. This hateful couple didn’t add to the story except to bring predictability. If an author wants us to see bigotry I think it needs to be done in a new way. Not as an outlier being stuffed into the story. I’m not trying to pick on Mr. Black here, I don’t know if this is a standard in his writing, but I’m just pointing out that it could have been done differently. Surprise me next time.
This is an easy to read, easy to handle love story. No real angst and lots of passion made it quite an enjoyable read. OH, and the cover is gorgeous!!!

~ ~ ~

I would like to thank Mr. Black for giving me an ARC of his book in exchange for my honest review.

~ ~ ~

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Flesh Cartel 9: 5/5 Stars #MM Psycho Thriller

Trials and Errors (The Flesh Cartel #9)Trials and Errors by Rachel Haimowitz and  
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Available at: Riptide Publishing

ebook, 64 pages

Published August 5th 2013 by Riptide Publishing

ISBN13 9781937551988
edition language English
series The Flesh Cartel #9

~ ~ ~


How the hell did Heidi and Rachel ramp up the tension in this episode? In a series that cannot become any more intense they found a way to take me right to my edge,

And more than anything, you need to learn to let go of all your silly, stupid morality, all the trappings and judgments and pointless rules of your old life.

cross it, and then completely exhaust me with a racing pulse, fear and hope. Always that damn bit of hope.


This episode starts out with a deed that brought me to the brink of what I could handle.

Hell, this whole series has been an exercise in defining comfort thresholds and then smashing them.

I can’t tell you what happens here because it would spoil everything, but I will tell you it’s something we’ve all been hoping for…and dreading. Then there's the cliff-hanger which is an anxiety inducing, visually captivating moment of “No, No, NO……

From start to finish this episode is just a non-stop adrenaline rush!


I can’t imagine this being written any better. I think these ladies would excel at writing for film. They have a way of bringing every moment to life. Even when you’d like to be able to look away, you can’t. And that’s a good thing, because while I nearly looked away at the beginning, by the middle I was so absorbed I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

In an entire series of “intense”, this book stands out!

Per Riptide Publishing - Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes:
• dubious consent
• explicit violence
• non-consent

**Fair warning, this is NOT MM Romance. This is a psycho-sexual thriller which includes rape and torture. Please proceed with that in mind.

~ ~ ~

I would like to thank Riptide Publishing for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

~ ~ ~

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