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A Secret Love by Douglas Black 4/5 Stars

A Secret LoveA Secret Love by Douglas Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ebook, First, 39 pages
Published July 11th 2013 by Evernight Publishing
ISBN13 9781771304788
edition language English 
Available at: Evernight Publishing and Amazon
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3.5 Stars

A secret rendezvous, wrapped in a too-good-to-be-true romantic life plan had me holding my breath to see how this would turn out.


James is nervous when he pulls into the parking lot of the secluded and conservative Caledonian Hotel. He slips off his wedding ring, gives a false name at reception, and checks into his room. When Mark finally arrives, James expects their time together to conform to the usual pattern, but Mark surprises him. Mark wants candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. James, well, James just wants to make up for lost time. More importantly, he doesn’t want to get caught. They have six months left before they can start a new life together and James is desperate to be discrete. Unfortunately, he never could control himself around Mark. Throw in an interfering old couple and some very public displays of affection and Mark and James’s short hotel stay might just be about to destroy not only the secrecy that has always shrouded their relationship, but also their future together.


Mark - Bold and sexy and famous. He wants to flaunt his relationship with James, he wants the whole world to know. He just has to stick to the plan.

James - Gorgeous, nervous and a little timid. He’s got to keep it together, but waiting is the hardest part.


More than lovers, Mark and James, lead separate lives in the hopes of one day realizing their dream. Within this story you’ll see what these two men have endured to be together. Constant worry about being discovered and having to play it safe is nearly overwhelming.

As you become fully immersed in the book you’ll find yourself both wondering why they have to be incognito and hoping their beautiful relationship can succeed.

“You’re being reckless,” James said, downing his champagne.
“Because I love you. And it doesn’t matter anymore.”
“It does matter. It still matters. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Anyone could see us. Anyone. You want to blow this now? With the end in sight?”

The ending will leave you smiling and wishing you had such a plan.


Clean, crisp story telling that holds just enough back to keep things interesting. Graphic, but lovely sex scenes are the authors forte’.

One bone of contention, and it’s probably just me, is the obligatory angry, bigoted elderly couple. This trope bugs me, I’ve read it over and over in this genre. It was enough to know these guys are kept apart by “other circumstances.” The bigotry in real life is understood. This hateful couple didn’t add to the story except to bring predictability. If an author wants us to see bigotry I think it needs to be done in a new way. Not as an outlier being stuffed into the story. I’m not trying to pick on Mr. Black here, I don’t know if this is a standard in his writing, but I’m just pointing out that it could have been done differently. Surprise me next time.
This is an easy to read, easy to handle love story. No real angst and lots of passion made it quite an enjoyable read. OH, and the cover is gorgeous!!!

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I would like to thank Mr. Black for giving me an ARC of his book in exchange for my honest review.

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