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Outtakes by Tibby Armstrong (Hollywood series #4) 5 Stars

Outtakes (Hollywood, #4)Outtakes by Tibby Armstrong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I found myself struggling to hold my heart together. The writing made this story tangible and tactile. It feels so real that I had to drag myself up and out of the words. Amazing.

Once again, Ms. Armstrong has matured her characters, given them difficulties (these were foreshadowed in book 2,Acting Out) and raised the tension a solid notch or two. Without question, this is a well planned out series with forethought on the arc and enough richness in the characters lives to keep me riveted.

**Not a stand-alone book. This needs to be read as the 4th book in the very, worth-your-time Hollywood series (here No Apologies).


Kit Harris - Oh Kit, you are a mess in this book. Be careful, vulnerability can easily lead you astray.

He and Kit moved into each other without hesitation, as natural and easy as the sea against the shore.
Jeremy Ash - The security he’s achieved since being with Kit is threatening to crumble, but does his security come from his career or from Kit?

--Enjoyable supporting appearances by Greg and Aaron serve to solidify the series and give us glimpses of their unique relationship. Ms. Armstrong, can we have more of the number games they play, please???
“Three,” Aaron said,
The game of dominance and submission these two played had always fascinated him. Aaron, the easygoing, friendly guy dominating Greg, the brittle, antisocial screenwriter. It seemed so backward as to be surreal. The contradiction captured Jeremy’s attention every time…

“I’m just so fucking scared you won’t want me. Not anymore. Not like this.”
Three years have past in Kit and Jeremy’s relationship and there’s trouble in paradise. Jeremy seems to have become Hollywood-ized and Kit is struggling with a career that has always grounded him.

The Blurb: After actor Kit Harris tells the world he’s gay, life isn’t all cupcakes and rainbow flags. It’s decidedly less tasty and a lot less colorful. Coming out might not have been the best thing for a Hollywood career or a high-profile love life.

Try as he might, rising star Jeremy Ash can’t seem to stir Kit’s interest long enough to heal his bruised ego or fragile heart. Complicating matters, a celebrity chef enters with plans to cook up a new angle on Kit’s career.

Jeremy’s worried Kit’s going off half-baked, or worse, turning up the heat on a new relationship. Either way, Jeremy knows the situation is a recipe for disaster if he and Kit can’t come up with the ingredients to love.

The honeymoon period is over and we get to go deeper, further into the relationship. This is where the rubber hits the road and we get to see if these two have traction. Or if Kit’s attention can be distracted by, “Mr. Sex On a Spatula.”

We learn much more about Kit’s background and it’s heart-wrenching.


Command of writing. That's what I found here. It's a pleasure to read Ms. Armstrong's writing. And the editing is superb too.

Parts of this story feel fragmented, but in a way that sort of mimics what Kit is going through. Or actually, what both Kit and Jeremy are going through. Isn’t it true that when your life feels like it’s falling apart it’s extremely difficult to connect all the pieces?

Breaching and breached. Lover and loved. The two roles, yin and yang, spun around each other swirling in Jeremy’s head until he didn’t know whether he was the light or dark, left or right, top or bottom, healer or healed. When he and Kit came, their shouts and the burst of pleasure brought Jeremy as close to nirvana as he guessed was possible. Only Kit could take him this high. If only… If only he didn’t have to come back down.
*By the way, I have to give a shout out to Ms. Armstrong for appropriately squeezing in the NOH8 campaign. Nice!

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I would like to sincerely thank Loose Id and Tibby Armstrong for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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