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A Perfect Solution by A.E. Lawless 3 Delighted Stars

A Perfect SolutionA Perfect Solution by A.E. Lawless
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Available for purchase at: Amazon and Loose Id and All Romance ebooks

Genre:BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary

Cover Artist:Valerie Tibbs

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3 Delighted Stars

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A Perfect Solution may be the perfect way to ease into m/m bdsm. There isn’t anything dark or even too twisted here and the friends to lovers romance turns out sweet.


River - “River sashayed” right into my heart. I like boys who know how to sashay and River seems to excel at it. He also bounces, pouts and flings himself, dramatically.

River’s grin took on that manic edge they’d all learned to be wary of. He shoved at Jeff’s shoulder playfully. “I’m not jumping, silly; I’m bouncing.” The way he reverently breathed the word “bouncing” was enough to show exactly just what kind of frenetic state he’d already whipped himself into.

Jeff - A little grumpy, a little grouchy, but also the mother-hen of the band. Jeff likes to keep his ducks in a row, but River is just always out of line. Let’s see if Jeff has a way to whip his best friend into shape. Btw, there is no whipping in this story.

It felt so good to just hold River close in the quiet of the night, like he was already taking good care of him; Jeff had never wanted anything more than that. He tried to tell himself he’d never need more than that.


River is the hyper lead singer of Caged Hearts. The band has achieved success, meaning they live their lives on the road, with each other...all the time. Luckily they all get along well, it’s just that River can’t seem to settle after a night on stage. Someone has to help him calm down and that task falls to Jeff. Fortunately, Jeff has the perfect solution to help River. Unfortunately, the solution just uh…unsettles Jeff.

This is a delightful, little, first-timer bdsm. Have no fear here. However, have no high expectations of deep, dark whips, chains and leather either. This is a kinder, gentler bdsm story and the best parts are the discussions and negotiations that bring these two lovers together. I think their talk on the bus is my favorite part.


I found the writing to be slightly stiff in places, but over all competent. As the story builds things smooth out.

The Blurb:

River is the charismatic lead singer of Caged Hearts and it's an open secret that the vibrant energy he displays on stage doesn't bleed away as soon as he's out from under the lights. That sometimes causes considerable friction with his bandmates.

Jeff is the guitarist for Caged Hearts, but he's not your typical party-hard rockstar. He's far more focused on taking care of everyone in his band--especially River.

An offhand comment from Jeff inadvertently helps River discover his submissive side, and he asks Jeff to help him continue to explore those desires. While Jeff is turned on by the idea, he's also reluctant. There's no telling what it could do to the band and his friendship with River. Especially when Jeff wants so much more than just sex.

I might wish for a bit of River’s pov, but this was written from Jeff’s perspective. I suppose that’s just because I enjoyed River’s character so much and wanted more of him. Who know’s, maybe there’s more to come. In any event, I'd like to read more from A.E. Lawless.

Available for purchase at: 
Amazon and Loose Id and All Romance ebooks

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I would like to sincerely thank Loose Id Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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