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Kick Start by Josh Lanyon 3 Stars
Kick Start by Josh Lanyon
3 Stars

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Oh dear, I think Kick Start needed a kick in the butt. It was so close, almost there each time and then it fell out. 

  • We almost had excitement at the very beginning - Disconnected. 
  • We almost had sex, twice - Frustrating. 
  • We almost wrapped it in a nice bow - Anticlimactic. 

(To be fair, there is a fine sex scene...eventually.) I blame a large part of my problem with this book in the fact that I haven’t read about Will and Taylor since June of 2012 and somewhere along the way I’ve lost a bit of my connection with them. To be fair though, Lanyon does a great job of refreshing the readers memory by reminding us where the guys left off last. 


Will Brandt -
Well, it sorta sounded like Will was trying to talk himself into the idea. Trying to convince them both that this trip was going to be great.
Taylor MacAllister -
Taylor did regret the way they had launched themselves into this new endeavor without proper preparation and only the sketchiest of plans. And Taylor was supposed to be the impulsive one!

Will and Taylor are trying to find their footing with each other. They’ve started their new life, apr├Ęs Paris, and there is trouble at home. Their commitment is strong, both to each other and to their new business,

The Blurb:

Will is finally braced to bring Taylor home to meet the folks. Unfortunately, not every member of the Brandt clan loves Taylor the way Will does. Then again, not everyone loves the Brandts. In fact, someone has a score to settle -- and too bad for any former DS agents who get in the way when the bullets start to fly.

but it’s challenged by a rocky start in their new venture. 

Will decides to visit his father and brother in Oregon and hesitantly brings Taylor along. Between family issues, past lovers, hicks from the sticks and the feeling of being watched there was plenty here to latch on to. Maybe there was just so much going on that none of it was fully fleshed out. For me, at every turn, I felt like very little was settled. Sometimes you know that’s what the author intended, to leave things open ended to build upon later. In this case I didn’t feel that. Instead I just didn’t get any of the satisfaction that I thought would be coming at the end. 


Here Josh Lanyon shines. His writing style and voice has never let me down and maybe that’s why I thought I’d be getting more out of this. His style is smooth and flows so easily that reading his work is effortless. I’m giving this book 3 stars because I will continue reading about Will and Taylor and this book certainly has it’s place. Hopefully it’s just a lull in the series and we’ll get back to what really makes this click soon. 

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I would like to thank Josh Lanyon for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review. 

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