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I've been a drooling fool waiting for Daylight Againthe 3rd book in SE Jakes Hell or Highwater series. So, in celebration of the release I've hooked up with two other amazing bloggers to do a bad ass giveaway! Wouldn't Tommy be proud?

Daylight Again is available for Pre-Order at:
   Here's the goods:

I've decided to give away copies of 
ebooks 1 and 2 in SE Jakes Hell or Highwater series. 
These books feature Tommy and Prophet. So if you haven't picked these up yet here's your chance to get in on this exciting, sexy and dangerous series. Trust me, you do not want to miss the hurricane sex!
In addition, 
Shawnie Nicole at Book Pages and Dripping Ink 
Chelle from Literal Addiction 
are each giving away any SE Jakes ebook title 
INCLUDING Daylight Again.

One winner from each blog!
Wow, the lucky winners are going to be in 
SE Jakes' bad boy heaven :D
Good luck everyone. 
*now bring me some Tommy and Prophet....

The Blurb:

Before Prophet Drews can have a future, he must first put his past to rest.

Prophet Drews is a man on the edge, and he’s pulling Tom Boudreaux, his partner on the job and in real life, right over with him. When his old CO calls in a favor, Prophet asks Tom to join the off-the-grid rescue. But the mission raises all of Prophet’s old ghosts: CIA assassins, the terrorist Sadiq, and most importantly, John—traitor, former teammate, and Prophet’s first love.

To help bury those ghosts for good, Prophet and Tom gather the members of Prophet’s former SEAL team . . . and a spook named Cillian who’s been tailing Prophet for years. In the process, Prophet is forced to face his team’s shifting loyalties, ghosts who refuse to stay dead, and scariest of all, his own limitations.

With everyone’s lives in danger, Prophet and Tom must unravel a tangled knot of secrets, including their own. Prophet must decide how much to reveal to Tom, while Tom must decide how far he’s willing to go to help Prophet lay his ghosts to rest.

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About SE Jakes:
SE Jakes writes m/m romance. She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want.
You can contact her the following ways:
You can email her at
You can post to her Facebook page:
You can Twitter her:
You can post on her Goodreads Group: Ask SE Jakes
You can follow her on Tumblr:
Truth be told, the best way to contact her is by email or in blog comments. She spends most of her time writing but she loves to hear from readers.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Angel's Hero & Angel's Truth by Liz Borino - 2 Stars

Review: Angel's Hero and Angel's Truth by Liz Borino

This is a dual-review of books 1 and 2 in Liz Borino's Angel Series

ebook, 79 pages
Published February 26th 2014 by Lazy Day (first published February 25th 2014)
1016125812 (ISBN13: 9781612581248)
edition language
Angel #1Available for purchase here:

ebook64 pages
Published March 14th 2014 by Lazy Day (first published March 10th 2014)
1612581250 (ISBN13: 9781612581255)
edition language

Available for purchase here:

These books are not stand-alones. They must be read together and in order.

~ ~ ~

I had problems with this read, but I followed through and found some virtues in the end. There was a set up to a bigger world with espionage, but that part was left off the page, unfortunately. The plot was good, but had gaps, and often the writing was awkward and even stereotypical at points.


Jordan Larson - Army Captain - A flirt and brat. Tortured and driven.

Aaron Collins (Angel) - CIA. Seven feet tall.

Troy Hart - The creepy bad guy, and Aaron's superior.

Adeela - Double agent, nurse, spy, conspirator? She's a wonderful, unknown surprise.

Normally I can really add strong descriptors of the characters pointing out things that stood out to me. But, both of the MC's felt flat to me. Like they were the same character. Without the use of their names, I wouldn't have known the difference between the two.


The established relationship was a good start, we know that the characters have background, so when Jordan is sent on a mission that he believes is being mishandled by the military and the government it is understandable that Aaron senses something is wrong. Aaron, who normally is "in" on this type of mission is being shut out.

It seems that these guys have something of a psychic connection, but unfortunately this isn't explored or fleshed out either. It really could have been one of the more exciting structures of the story, but it was only hinted at. Another aspect left unexplored was Troy's motivations for his actions.

 I like Adeela. She's a good, strong character in an impossible position.


Awkward sentence structure, wild timeline hopping and unfortunately a lousy formatted .pdf combined to make this an uncomfortable read for me. I just could never relax into the story.
Never had Jordan concentrated so hard not to see a place as he had not to catch sight of his house.
There was a sex scene in the middle of discussing potential rape and court martial that was terribly misplaced and very uncomfortable. Other sex scenes were cut off and clipped. Then, Jordan slid his tongue along the crease of Aaron's lips, unzipping them. 

The brother and father characters were unnecessary and annoying. The father seemed to really only have one purpose, which came at the end of the story. It felt like he was just stuck in, here and there, to take up page space. This could have been handled differently.

There was also some unfortunate stereotyping;
"I shop at Bloomingdale's and Neimen Marcus." Troy's voice heightened in the way gay men's did when they had to ensure that whoever they were speaking to had no doubt about their sexuality. [...]

I think, in a nutshell, what went wrong here is the author tried to squeeze too much into this rather short story. It stayed still in some areas and then ran past others. At one point in the book it

The Blurb:

Angel's Hero

CIA Agent Aaron “Angel” Collins doesn’t take many things on faith. He trusts his gut, his eyes, and his husband, Jordan, an Army Captain. When his commanding officers deliver news of Jordan’s death, Aaron needs proof. The facts don’t add up, and Aaron must decide if he can trust Major General Troy Hart to assist in his quest to discover the truth.

Captain Jordan Collins is battered and disheartened in an Afghanistan prison, but definitely not dead, though he learns his own government believes he is. His only mission now is to stay alive and make it home to Angel, if he can find an ally among the enemy. But someone in the US government will stop at nothing to make sure he never leaves that prison, And Jordan must reevaluate the lines between friend and foe if he is ever to return to his Angel.


Angel's Truth

“Freeze or I’ll shoot!” Aaron yelled and aimed the gun at Jordan’s chest.
“Angel, no, please.” Hacking fluid-filled coughs broke up Jordan’s words.
“Jordan?” Aaron whispered his name as recognition painted a mural of memories of their life together on his face.
“Yes.” He coughed red into his dirty hand. “Please help.”

So begins Angel’s Truth, the sequel to Angel’s Hero. Army Captain Jordan Collins arrives home, only to find the man responsible for his imprisonment, torture, and near-execution with his husband. Had his Angel moved on without him?

Aaron “Angel” Collins has driven his family and friends away in his quest to learn the truth of Jordan’s fate, leaving only Major General Troy Hart willing to help him. When Jordan miraculously returns, with a spirit more broken than his body, Aaron realizes Hart was really a liar with an agenda of his own. Aaron is unable to take time to heal his own emotional wounds, because he and Jordan learn Hart’s betrayal is even greater than they originally believed, threatening the entire nation. Now the reunited couple must race against time to keep a promise to Jordan’s savior and prevent Hart from bringing terrorism once again to American soil.

says the antagonist, "had been messing with them for years", but I thought the whole timeline was only months long.

A few bright spots did develop. Adeela was clever and her dialogue was the best in the story, despite or maybe because of her halted speech pattern. Also, I really believe that the author's plot line was well structured. I think that if she just slows down, paints a more vivid picture and doesn't worry about stuffing sex scenes in to please some readers that she can give us "more" in future books.

 ~ ~ ~

 I would like to thank Liz Borino for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

 ~ ~ ~

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Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Things I Learned at #RainbowCon - Day 5 Aftermath

Day 5 - Aftermath

Without question my takeaway from RainbowCon2014 is how much fun it was. It was easy, relaxed and informative. As you know, I was nervous about being on panels, but they turned out to be really enjoyable. Some were structured and others were completely fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, but either way my fellow panelists knew their topics and engaged the audience. 

Some of you may have noticed that my 5 Things posts are missing a Day 3. Hmmmm. Well, you'll have to ask Jordan L. Hawk, her hubs - David, Susan Lee, Charlie Cochet, Angel Martinez, JoCari Z, her hubs -the quiet one and Lexi Ander why I wasn't able to compose anything coherent that night. I'm not saying. But mead (too much mead), Castle Fat Lips (it does exist), Turnbull, Robert the Bruce, a flasher in a white towel (or rather, not), and an epic gab session were involved. #roomparty

I'd like to thank SL Armstrong, Roger Armstrong and Kris Piet for having me as a guest. I am already looking forward to next year. #rainbowcon2015

OH yeah, and Con Drop is a thing? Yep, I'm still feeling the effects. But it's so worth it.


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5 Things I Learned at #RainbowCon - Day 4 MS Mistakes: Do Authors Want to Know???

Day 4 - Manuscript Mistakes, Do Authors Want to Know???

This was something that I've wanted to get a better understand of for a long while now. I was able to ask several different groups of authors, throughout the con, whether or not they want me to tell them when I find problems in the MS or arc or even after release. The overwhelming (if not the only response) was YES!

I've been timid if I'm not actually beta'ing because I don't want to be pushy. I didn't have a good understanding of the level of control an author has during edits and post edits with their publishers. Many of them said their publishers would grumble and may not even make the changes if it's "too late", but that the author definitely still wants to know.

I assume that if there is a later release, a 2nd printing or if the book goes to a new publisher that the author would love to have that info to be able apply the corrections later.

Without question, the self-pubs were even more adamant about this. Presumably because of the amount of control they have over their work, particularly with e-books, which allows them to tweak things more easily.

If you only knew how much this has been burning a hole in my head, and now I can devote that brain space to something else. And also to feel more comfortable, politely, pointing things out. Having the ability to ask this type of question face-to-face was fabulous. It made me absolutely know that an author wasn't just being nice and saying, "oh sure, send me those corrections" while grinding their teeth at me from behind a screen.

Next year I'll get more bold and ask you all if you really do want me to tell you about the dream I had because of "that" scene you wrote ;)


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

5 Things I Learned at #RainbowCon - Day 2 Knocking on the Wrong Door

Day 2 - Knocking on the Wrong Door

Uhm, well today I learned that when someone gives you the number to their room for a room party, pay attention. A knock on a wrong door could result in a dude answering your knock in nothing but a towel and then proceed to flash you. Yeah, well.....I'll pay more attention next time. Or not.

In the meantime, panels, author readings and just general meetups are so much fun!


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Things I Learned at #RainbowCon - Day1 The 6-2-1 Rule

So, as this is my first foray into con-going I'm considering this a learning *ehem experience. So, in an effort to share the knowledge I'll work hard to make sure there is something "educational" to pass along.

Day 1 - The 6-2-1 Rule

At the Beginner's Guide to Con Going panel with Roger Armstrong,  Gryvon and Lori Toland I learned that there is a formula that all attendees should follow. They call it the 6-2-1 rule.

6 hours of sleep per day (Oh, they don't know me at all)

2 meals per day (Oops, I may have broken that one too)

1 shower per day (Yay, I got one right)

Oh, and most importantly, stay hydrated (I'm working on that  riiiiiiight now)

I'll try to hit all three tomorrow.

Honestly though, everything has been lots of fun, so far. Today was a bit of a whirlwind just trying to figure out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to meet. I do have a game plan for tomorrow though. Starting with a shower and breakfast ;)

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Going to #RainbowCon and in My Suitcase I'm Bringing.....

RainbowCon 2014 will be in Tampa, soon!

Are you thinking about what you'll be packing yet? Have you shopped for a fabulous new outfit? Sparkly bikini? Figured out that you can probably bring 6 pairs of flip-flops and leave your heels at home? It is Florida, after all. (Well, some of you look great in heels, so don't listen to me.)

Anyway, I just thought I'd see if this works. You know that little game kids play that starts out:
I'm going on vacation and in my suitcase I'm bringing...
Well, let's see if anyone will add to this. 
I'm going to RainbowCon and in my suitcase I'm bringing...

Don't be shy, I almost posted pics of the stilettos I'd be bringing (ha!), but then the crisply folded dollar bills for the dancers at the Honey Pot almost won out. In the end, this cute little delectable, that I'll be handing to someone, just had to be shared.

What about you? If you're a blogger or an author and will be at the Con, what special little extras are you bringing? Maybe you're bringing books (I certainly hope so), or cover art, or handcuffs (I would never judge). 

Just for fun, make a similar post on your blog and link back to this one, and I'll do the same for you.  We can all share each other. I honestly cannot wait to meet everyone. This is gonna be fun. 

Click for my panels at RainbowCon

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