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Review: Objects in the Rear View Mirror by FE Feeley Jr - 4 Stars

Objects in the Rear View Mirror 
by F.E. Feeley Jr

4 Stars

ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-427-0
Pages:  200
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Categories: NovelsGhosts/Spirits
Series: F.E. Feeley JrMemoirs of the Human Wraiths by F.E. Feeley JrParanormal
Book Type: eBook
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There are books that have backstory and things you need to know about the character’s past, but this brought it all forward and aligned the main character’s history with his present day in a way that was engrossing and unsettling, as it’s meant to be.


Jonathan David - Complex.

Eddie Dorman - Wonderful.

Alan Pemberly Tragic.

You can’t run away forever, the annoying voice chided him. Jonathan wrapped a mental hand around its throat and warned it that if it spoke again, he would choke the life out of it. In fear, the voice quieted.
This is a unique mix of romance and suspense with a strong PNR element. The modern day struggles of a couple just getting their lives in sync tempered by a darker past has a

The Blurb:

Their new home on Frederick Street in Clay Center, Kansas, was supposed to give writer Jonathan David and his husband, clinical psychologist Dr. Eddie Dorman, an opportunity to enjoy married life. Jonathan has just released his first major bestseller, and he hopes to finally escape his traumatic past and find the quiet existence he has always craved. Eddie has taken a job at the Kansas State University psychology department, and they intend to begin anew.

They have barely settled in when the nightmare begins. Noises, disembodied voices, and mysterious apparitions make Jonathan’s life hell. Part of the house has decided to bare its teeth, show its jagged edges, and bring back the worst of Jonathan’s past. At first, Eddie cannot perceive the spectral events and fears for his husband’s sanity. When he’s also affected by the haunting, he’s unsure of what to do but refuses to be beaten.

Together, they seek a way to fight the forces trying to tear them apart. The world is a frightening place, but confronting their fears plunges Jonathan and Eddie into absolute horror.

balance that is at once honest and frustrating. Jonathan and Eddie just want to plant roots and settle down, but even though they try to deny the past and move forward, that past is coming for them.

The romance isn’t perfect and, in fact, is downright rocky, but I had no doubt that this was a relationship worth fighting for.

The way the author showed today’s contemporary life of a committed gay couple and mirrored it against the, not nearly distant enough, past is particularly well done. Done so well, in fact, that you may not even notice it happening. We may think we’ve come a long way, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still fighting things we thought we’ve overcome.

It also occurred to him that, in the process of making the yard produce what they wanted it to, the earth had to be scarred and beaten up.
I found some of the time shifts and flashbacks confusing. Possibly much of this was intentional, but instead of being mystifying it was often unclear. There was also, in my opinion, an entirely unnecessary bigot inserted into the storyline.

However, I also found the writing to be, mellow. Not in a dull or slow way, but in a way that helped me keep my calm through a story that may have been overwritten otherwise. This isn’t intended to be a thriller or an edge-of-your-seat read – although it does have its moments – it’s intended to feel introspective while fully gripping you with the story. Achieved.

This is my first read by Mr. Feeley, but it won’t be my last. 


F.E. Feeley Jr was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and lived there for twenty years before joining the military. He is a veteran of the US Armed Services; having done a tour in support of Operation Iraq Freedom in 2002-2003, he turned college student, pursuing a degree in political science. He now lives in Southeast Texas where he is engaged to the love of his life, John, and where they raise their 1½ year old German shepherd, Kaiser.

As a young man, reading took center stage in his life, especially those novels about ghosts, witches, goblins, and all the other things that went bump in the night. His favorite authors include such writers as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Anne Rice, whose work allowed him to travel to far off places and meet fascinating and scary characters. As a gay man, he wishes to be able to write good fictional literature for those who love the genre and to write characters that readers can relate to. All in all, he is a cigarette smokin’, whiskey drinkin’, rock and roll lovin’, tattoo wearin’ dreamer of a man with a wonderful husband who puts up with his crap and lets him write his stories.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.  

Also, a big thanks to Grammy at for another, great recommendation.

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