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Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway - Blood & Thunder (Thirds 2) by Charlie Cochet


Hey everyone, I've got the goods for you. Charlie Cochet is here and treating us to an exclusive excerpt from her newest release in the Thirds series, Blood & Thunder. Plus you can enter to win  a $10 Amazon Gift Card & THIRDS swag pack in the Rafflecopter below. Enjoy the hilarious excerpt featuring the already famous Dex, and good luck in the giveaway.

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Hello all! Thank you for joining me here at Attention is Arbitrary for another stop on the Blood & Thunder Blog Tour. I'm celebrating the release of the second book in my law-enforcement shifter series the THIRDS! Thank you Lisa for having me! 

Today I thought I'd share with you an exclusive excerpt and fan favorite, the bar scene in Blood & Thunder. What happens when Destructive Delta stops by their favorite bar for a much needed evening of R&R? Well, when Dex is around, it's bound to be not so restful. This scene actually much longer than this, but I thought I'd give you a taste. Enjoy!


My god, when will it end? How long was this damn song? He snuck a peek at the rest of the audience, a good deal of whom were swaying and gazing dreamily at Dex. How the hell did the guy do that? Okay, so maybe he could sing, and he did know how to move. Damn, but he knew how to move. Dex was dressed in his usual black and white Chucks, a pair of scruffy jeans, a gray T-shirt with aviators hanging off the chain from his dog tags, and a black leather jacket. Damn, okay, the guy was fucking sexy. His dirty blond hair was ruffled, his jaw stubbly, he had a smile that was slightly crooked and dopey, and an infectious laugh. He could be as perceptive and sweet as he was frustrating and over the top.
“Hey, Sloane.”
Sloane snapped himself out of it, his gaze shifting warily to Ash. “What?”
“Your gay is showing.”
“Screw you.” He snatched Ash’s beer. “Just for that, this is mine now.” Stupid Ash. Maybe Sloane was spending too much time with Dex and his brother; he was starting to sound like Cael. Ash leaned over, though for what purpose, Sloane had no idea, considering he didn’t bother lowering his voice.
“Admit it, you’d hit that.”
“That’s a stupid question,” Letty pitched in with a snort. “Who wouldn’t hit that?”
Rosa perked up, turning to her friend. “Letty. Fuck, marry, kill.”
This night just got better and better. Onstage, Dex was singing away, playing to the crowd, and now his team was going to start playing the worst game ever. Maybe Sloane could slip away, pretend he was going to the bathroom, and run. He considered it, until Letty offered her choices.
“Too easy. Fuck Sloane, marry Dex, kill Ash,” Letty said.
Sloane’s embarrassment was superseded by Ash’s expression of disbelief. “Wow. Thanks, partner.”
Letty shrugged. “Rosa?”
Rosa took a sip of her beer, considering her choices carefully. “If I was into cock? I’d totally fuck Dex, marry Hobbs, and kill Ash.”
“Seriously?” Ash threw his hands up, and Sloane tried not to laugh. The girls didn’t bother. Poor Hobbs went red in the face to the tips of his ears, and Rosa gave him a wink. For a moment, Sloane thought Hobbs was going to run. Like hell he was. Not without taking Sloane with him.
“Calvin?” Letty asked.
Their blond friend toyed with his beer coaster. “Um….”
Letty gave him a playful slap in the arm. “Come on, Cal, it’s only a game. Besides, you and Hobbs act like an old married couple anyway.”
Calvin scratched his head, looking embarrassed. “Okay, uh, I guess fuck Dex, marry Hobbs, and kill Ash.”
“I hate all of you,” Ash grunted, his beefy arms folded over his chest as he leaned back in his chair. Letty ignored him and moved on.
Hobbs whispered in Calvin’s ear, and Calvin’s face went as red as his partner’s. “Um, same for Hobbs. Fuck Dex, marry me, kill Ash.”
“You too, bro?” Ash shook his head at Hobbs who gave him an apologetic smile and a shrug of his big shoulders. He shifted his chair, so he could hide behind Calvin, but unless Calvin suddenly gained an extra foot and a half in height, that wasn’t going to work. Seeming to realize that, Hobbs let his chin rest on the top of Calvin’s head with a sigh. Calvin was so accustomed to it, he took a sip of his beer as if he didn’t have a tiger Therian twice his size using him for a prop.
When Letty turned to Sloane, he shook his head. “No way. I’m not touching this.”
“Come on, don’t be a wuss. Say it. You’d totally fuck Dex.”
Already have. In the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, car, work… “Not touching this.”
With a pout, she moved on. “Fine, Ash?”
Ash scoffed. “I wouldn’t fuck or marry any of you, but I’d have the time of my life killing your asses. All of you. Assholes.”
Beside him, Cael huffed, giving Ash’s bicep a prod. “Hey, what did I do?”
“Not you. Cael’s the only one who gets to survive. The rest of you can kiss my ass.”
“Cael?” Rosa wriggled her brows. “Come on, gatito. Who makes you purr?”
Cael shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his whole face going pink. “I don’t know that I want to—”
“Come on,” Rosa teased.
“Leave him alone.” Ash threw an arm protectively around Cael’s shoulders. “He doesn’t want to play your stupid game.”
“Touchy. Fine, who do you think Dex would choose?”
Ash got that look in his eyes and Sloane groaned. He fortified himself by downing half his beer in one gulp. Dex was on his third song. Something about being wanted dead or alive. The part about being a cowboy had Sloane picturing Dex in nothing but torn jeans and a cowboy hat. He didn’t know what was worse, what was happening on stage or at their table. His choices were watching Dex and possibly getting an erection, or listening to his team argue over who they’d imaginary fuck, all of which led back to Dex. He was far too sober for any of this.
“Easy,” Ash said, far too happy for his own good. “He’d clearly kill me, and he’s already Sloane’s wife, so there you go. Two for one right there.”
Sloane finished the rest of his beer and pinned Ash with a glare. “And you wonder why everyone wants to kill you.”
Ash shrugged. “What? It’s the truth. You want proof?”
Dex finished singing and the crowd erupted into cheers. When he got to their table, he pointed to Sloane’s empty beer bottle. “Want me to get you another one?”
“While you’re at it,” Ash said sweetly, “why don’t you fetch him a snack and when you’re done, bend over. Hubby’s had a long day and needs to unwind.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I bet a ‘bite me’ is in order.” Dex snatched up Sloane’s empty bottle and stormed off. Sloane shook his head at Ash in disbelief.
“Why do you have to be such an asshole?”
“Aw, isn’t that sweet? Defending his honor. Want me to tell him? It might get you a blow job at the very least.”
Dex came back, handed Sloane a beer, and took a seat next to him. “So what’s going on? I take it Ash’s pleasantness stems from something besides life in general.”
Rosa chuckled, her gaze checking out the waitress in the tight black jeans. “He’s pissed because everyone wants to kill him.”
“How is that different from any other day?” Dex asked, following Rosa’s line of sight before arching an eyebrow at her. She gave him a guilty smile and answered his question.
“We were playing fuck, marry, kill. It was pretty unanimous we would fuck you and kill Ash.”
Dex put a hand to his heart. “Aw, you guys. That’s so sweet. I’m honored you’d all choose me as the one to bang.”
“So, how about you, Dex?” Rosa asked, leaning in keenly, followed by Letty. Everyone’s attention was on Dex, and Sloane told himself if there was ever a time to run, now would be it. He looked over his shoulder and waved a hand to get Bradley’s attention. Soon as he had it, he made the universal sign for “shot” then held up three fingers. Bradley laughed, and with a nod, walked off to make him his order. While he waited for his shots, Sloane took a swig of his beer.
“Easy,” Dex said. “I’d fuck Sloane.”
Sloane nearly choked on his beer. He snatched up a napkin to wipe the dribble from his chin. Smooth. That wasn’t obvious at all.
“Don’t worry, I’d be gentle,” Dex purred, patting Sloane on the back and oblivious to Sloane’s glare.
“As for marry. I’d marry Ash.”
Sloane and Ash sounded off like a couple of echoes. “What?”
“Explain,” Rosa demanded.
“See, you all should have put more thought into your answers. I’d marry Ash, make him fall in love with me, convince him to take out a million dollar life insurance policy then I’d kill him. Bam! I’m rich and free to keep banging Sloane.” The table burst into laughter and Dex wriggled his brows at Sloane. Dex leaned over to take his hand. “Will you wait for me, darling? We can start new lives down in Rio de Janeiro. I’ll become a card shark, and you can be my sexy cabana boy.”
Sloane couldn’t help his laugh. “You’re such an ass.”
“An ass with a million dollars. It’ll be painful, but I’m willing to do this. For us.” Dex gave him a wink, and Sloane felt him squeeze his fingers before releasing them. For a split second, Sloane wished he hadn’t let go. Dex took a deep breath, straightened, and met Ash’s gaze.
“Ash, you’re looking… less murderous today.”
“Fuck you.”
“See that,” Dex said, slapping a hand against the table in victory. “I’ve already got him wanting to fuck me. We’re half way there. Rio de Janeiro, here I come.”
Warning: book contains Cheesy Doodles, karaoke, annoyed lion Therians, broody jaguar Therians, romance, comedy, sexy-times, big bad alphas, drama, explosions, and that one weird guy’s shenanigans.



Genre: M/M Contemporary Paranormal Romance Series: THIRDS Book Two 

Length: 240 pages 

Published: Aug 4th, 2014 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 
ISBN 13: 978-1-63216-178-9 
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63216-177-2

The Blurb:

When a series of bombs go off in a Therian youth center, injuring members of THIRDS Team Destructive Delta, and causing a rift between agents Dexter J. Daley and Sloane Brodie, peace seems unattainable. Especially when a new and frightening group, the Order of Adrasteia, appears to always be a step ahead. With panic and intolerance spreading and streets becoming littered with the Order’s propaganda, hostility between Humans and Therians grows daily. Dex and Sloane, along with the rest of the team, are determined to take down the Order and restore peace, not to mention settle a personal score. But the deeper the team investigates the bombings, the more they believe there’s a more sinister motive than a desire to shed blood and spread chaos.

Discovering the frightful truth behind the Order’s intent forces Sloane to confront secrets from a past he thought he’d left behind for good, a past that could not only destroy him and his career, but also the reputation of the organization that made him all he is today. Now more than ever, Dex and Sloane need each other, and, along with trust, the strength of their bond will mean the difference between justice and all-out war.

Read Chapter One here.

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About the Author:


Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!
Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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