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Review: A Rose by Any Other Name by Charlie Cochet - 4 Stars

A Rose by Any Other Name
by Charlie Cochet
4 Stars

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SBN-13: 978-1-63216-030-0
Pages 270
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Categories: NovelsMystery/Suspense, Americas, Historical
Book Type: eBook
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Other Formats: Paperback

Book One, Roses in the Devil's Garden, was published in Don't Read in the Closet by Charlie Cochet and is available for free download here.


Book 2 in Charlie Cochet's Fallen Rose series really surprised me. Let me stop right here to suggest you go download Book 1 (64 pages), which is FREE here, so that you'll get the full experience.

So yeah, this one surprised me. I was reading along, knowing that this was going to be a solid 3 star read when, bam! Right turn, right into 4 stars. This story became bigger, more involved and so much more intertwined in  Charlie Cochet's interconnect universe. Oh, how I love when an author does that. If you're a fan of Charlie's or a newbie to her writing I think you'll be in for a surprise too, to find out all the tricks she's got up her sleeves.

He couldn't afford to be sidetracked, especially by some foolhardy dope.
Julius Knight (Eros) - Golden, gorgeous and living in a gilded cage. Oh, and did I mention he's a prostitute?
More than half a dozen pretty young men lavished their attentions on him, giving him more champagne, clawing at him, caressing him, kissing him. Edward jumped when a hand traveled up his inner thigh. Edward looked up to find Maxfield smiling at him.
"Happy Birthday, Edward, and welcome home." 
Edward Joseph Clarence Junior - Tall, dark and handsome. Awkward, introverted, and still suffering from the effects of war. Oh, and did I mention he's rich?

Side Characters of Note -

Maxfield - Love him!
Albert - Aww.
Lawry - Awesome!
Terry - Perfect.
Ares - Vile.
Nathan and Harley - These dicks are the best!!!


A little rags to riches. A little good guy, bad guy. A little action and steamy sex. And a lot of romance and charm.
"Edward, this would probably be a good time for me to inform you of how dangerous it is for you to come between me and cake."
Hesitant Edward is dragged into the debauched Pantheon on his birthday for an evening of fun and frivolity, but is completed swept away by the beauty that is Eros. Their involvement is fraught with dangers and troubles that are both seen and unseen.

Without saying much I'll tell you that this is, at least, two romances in one. And for avid Charlie Cochet readers there are treats sprinkled throughout this book that will be a delight to discover.

Cochet is the queen of historical fanciful fiction. She charms me away from reality and glides me into her creative worlds where I'm immersed in another era.

This may be a little too good to be true, it swoops and it soars, but it was fun, romantic and it even held a few surprises in a book that I thought wouldn't surprise me at all. I enjoyed the second half more as it introduced a good bit of action and brought in well liked characters from outside of this story, creating a wider, universal feel.

The doors are open to future romances to develop in the series, and I already have my eyes on the couple I want to follow next.

Recommended for historical gay romance lovers.

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I would like to thank Charlie Cochet for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review. 

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