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Character Interview, Giveaway & Excerpt: Meet Miko from Nicole Castle's The Consequence of High Caliber

The Consequence of High Caliber (The Mako Shark Book 1)

Character Interview, Giveaway and Excerpt for:

The Consequence of High Caliber
by Nicole Castle

Available at Amazon - December 13, 2014

Excerpt and Giveaway following the interview.

The Blurb:

Miko is a devoted son. An irresponsible brother. A protective friend. An anonymous lover. An assassin, nicknamed the Mako Shark after the sheer violence of his hits. Miko is deadly. And damaged.
Miko is in love.


I’m preparing to interview Miko, the lead character in Nicole Castle’s newest release, The Consequence of High Caliber, a spinoff of Chance Assassin. It’s not every day that I interview an assassin, so I’m a bit nervous.

He’s just come in, and honestly he looks perfectly normal. Well, there is the lively red…is that lipstick? And that hair, oh! The gloves, I can understand the gloves, you know, fingerprints and all. Was that nervous laughter from me? Maybe I’d better just get this started.

Lisa T: Miko, welcome. Please make yourself at home. I’ve put out some refreshments, I was told you have a fondness for candy. Red candy, as I understand it.

Miko just glares at me at this point and probably won’t stop throughout this interrogation, uh, interview process. I expect to be dead by the end of our little chat. 

Lisa T: Please relax. There’s no need to keep your coat and gloves on. We’re all friends here. Now, where to begin…  Miko, that’s an unusual name. Is it short for something?

Miko: It is Mikolaj.

Lisa T: I understand you also have a nickname. Do you care to reveal it and let us know how it came about?

Miko: I am called the Mako Shark because I lost my knife and I bit a man in his throat.

Lisa T: Uh, okay then. It seems that you have a connection to a certain group of, shall we say, hired professionals in a well-guarded Eastern European residence. Have we met you there before? Are you just another one of the good ’ol boys in the employ of Angelo Silva, or are you family?

Miko: I only go there when I am in trouble but I do not get into too much trouble because of Hector. There are...circumstances.

Lisa T: Do you get to speak with Frank often?

Miko: I have seen Frank but he has not seen me.

Lisa T: Well, you are a man of few words, aren't you? Your accent is quite charming. German?

Miko: It is Polish but I was raised by a German man after my father went away. My accent is “bastardized” as Hector would say.

Lisa T: You seem like a really sweet guy. Is there someone special in your life? Do you have close family? A girlfriend? A lover?

Miko: His name is Toby. He cooked for me waffles.

Maybe I’m asking too many questions; Miko seems a bit agitated. I notice his suit coat slip aside and his gun is revealed. 

Lisa T: Oh, that is a beautiful weapon. It looks handmade. Was it a gift?

Miko: I made it with Nasir at the factory. He taught me how to use the guns. Maybe if you ask him nicely he will make you a gun too. If you do not ask nicely maybe you will see how fast the Mako Shark can be.

There's that nervous laughter again.

Lisa T: All of that is just…fascinating, but getting back to your seems that you are quite capable in completing your assignments. But I keep hearing that you go a little too far and are a little too brutal. Do you enjoy the bloodshed that much?

Miko: Sometimes people try to run before you can shoot them and you have to crash into their car. Sometimes people's chins fall off when their throats are slit. But I do not like the blood. I am squeamish.

A squeamish assassin?

Lisa T: I want to thank you for agreeing to this interview, Miko. You did agree to be here, right? You weren't...sent by anyone, I hope. Ahem. Let's just go ahead and share a little excerpt shall we?

I notice Miko grabs a handful of those candies on his way out. I wonder what that means?


      Miko's cell phone rang right as he was about to slit his mark's throat from behind, and he ended up slicing the man's prominent chin clean off when he turned his head at the noise. Miko should've had the phone on silent, or off, but he'd been trying to make more of an effort to stay in touch with Toby.
     There was blood everywhere. The mound of stubbly flesh had landed on the man's desk with a sickening plop, and there it sat like a grotesque paperweight. The mark was not a handsome man even before his spontaneous cosmetic surgery, and the casket would not likely have been open to begin with. But mangling the man's face wasn't part of the client's request, and it would once again prove Miko's nickname to be an appropriate one.
      He pondered for a moment, then slowly lowered the man's body so his face rested back on the severed chin. “There. Much better. Do widzenia.” Wiping his hands on his pants, he quickly left the room and removed his gloves as he walked away from the house.

The Consequence of High Caliber (The Mako Shark Book 1)


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