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Review: The Love of Wicked Men - Season One by Brandon Shire - 5 Stars

The Love of 
Wicked Men 
Boxed Set                 Episodes 1-6

5 Stars

  • ISBN-13: 9781512126921
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
  • Publication date: 6/12/2015 - Paperback available now.
  • Pages: 449

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Full disclosure: I was a lucky beta reader and must admit I'm a little bit involved here. Although I've written short comments on each episode of season one (see my Goodreads reviews) I hadn't written a full review. After reading this backwards and forwards many times would you believe that all I really want to do here is fangirl?


A complex, involved beginning turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. The further we delve into this story the more vast and interconnected it becomes. You never get to step off, take a break or breathe.

The Blurb:

The Love of Wicked Men is an erotic journey into the underbelly of the legal profession, the corporate culture of profit-at-any-cost, and the secret world of industrial espionage.
Sid Rivers and Jack Brown are two sides of the same coin. One is a lawyer with his own firm and dreams of money and power; the other is a criminal with a lengthy record and a quest for vengeance. When they meet, sparks fly. But was their meeting an accident? Or, was it planned by the billionaires who want to control their destiny?


Sid Rivers - Bastard Extraordinaire!
Jack Brown - Sexy criminal looser. Or something else entirely?
Drake - Big, silent, broody, badass. Trust me, you don't want to piss off Drake.
Sweeny - Tech geek genius and sex kitten.
Jeffery Marn - He's the one pulling all the strings. Right?
Larry - Sid's legal partner - or is he?
Shane -???  


Sid went to the window and pushed the curtain aside, looking out on the street, wondering if he'd already gotten in over his head. They hadn't chosen Rivers & Dunn because Sid Rivers was a rising legal phenomenon. They wanted Sid's firm because they needed someone who was in no way associated with the oil industry, or with Jeffery Phillips Marn. They also wanted someone who was just as disposable.

On the surface this is a roller coaster ride through an unscrupulous world of law and crime, justice and vengeance. But, oh so surprisingly, upon finishing, I think you'll find that this entire season was a mind game played by the author to see if he could make you, the reader, his bitch! So maybe that makes Brandon Shire the wicked man. Let's say it's something of an experiment to see if you can justify loving wicked men. 

These guys are bad, evil, corrupt, mean, bastards that more than one reader has walked away from. These aren't good guys making nice, uh uh. So, the mission, if you choose to accept it, is to see if you can get to the end without loving these guys just a little bit.  

If you can't set your moral compass in the margin for a moment maybe this one's not for you. But if you're intrigued to find out why other readers have fallen madly in love with these nefarious, debauched men then grab this and see if you can keep your own morality in check, or if you too become Shire's little pawn.


It's the writing that sets this apart. Shire is a story builder. He shovels around intrigue, layers on some gritty dilemmas, and places each brick so solidly that you don't even see where you've taken your misstep. Be wary of that whiplash effect, because there is going to be more than one incident of, "I didn't see that coming!"


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Great stories should not depend on gender or sexual preference of a character, but instead upon the strength of the characters and the honesty and urgency of the story.

Brandon Shire proves he understands the complexity of writing LGBT fiction from two very different viewpoints – serious and smexy. His serious fiction is written for those who enjoy a book which explores life’s darker elements in a more literary form, while the smexy fiction is for those who enjoy a graphically erotic romance. Regardless of the differentiation above, Brandon writes for people who enjoy being challenged, and for those who strive to understand situations they don’t typically encounter. He pens raw, emotional stories about characters which readers will either love or love to hate.

Life and love are pretty damned special, but neither is always perfect. Life can be painful, and real love hard to find. Brandon’s fiction is an exploration of the (sometimes) arduous search for happiness we all desire.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of any of Brandon’s book are donated to LGBT Youth charities.

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BRANDON SHIRE was chosen as a Top Read in 2011Best in LGBTQ Fiction for 2011 & 2012, and won a Rainbow Award for Best Gay Contemporary Fiction.
10% of the proceeds from the sale of any of Brandon’s books are donated to LGBT Youth charities combating homelessness
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I would like to thank Brandon Shire for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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