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Review: The Result of a Straight Razor (Mako Shark 2) by Nicole Castle- 5 Stars

Straight Razor
(The Mako Shark Book 2)

5 Stars

  • Print Length: 168 pages
  • Publication Date: August 20, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B014839Q86
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Insanely Romantic
and Bunny Ears!

Blurb - Miko is in mourning. He is plotting. Miko is thinking about death and vengeance. About forgiveness. And love. Miko is getting some new tattoos.


Miko (The Mako Shark) - There just isn't anyone else like Miko. Thank goodness! But how can anyone not completely love this endearing assassin? Yes, I said-endearing assassin.
"He hates the violence."
"But he loves you."
"Yes," Miko said. "It is my lot in life."
Nasir shrugged. He couldn't disagree. 

Toby - As boyfriend and lover, Toby seems to have the most painful role in this whole series. His denial is over. He's in full reality mode now. 
Toby's voice was already shaky and Miko knew that no matter how this night turned out, what he was doing to Toby now would be the most painful thing he'd ever done to anyone. "I am sorry."
Nassir - Dark, silent, deadly and Miko's best friend. And he's always right. Always. And he has a tattoo gun.


Miko MUST avenge his friend's death which leads to many discoveries not the least of which is discovering that Frank has a boyfriend, Blondie. What a lovely, tangled conundrum Ms. Castle is taking us on.  Miko begins to see  possibilities, but he knows just how dangerous he is. And that danger puts those he loves in harm's way. 
Nasir's expression was grim as he inspected the damage, and even though his expression was rarely anything but grim, Miko felt somehow responsible for the sadness that his friend may not even be experiencing. Miko, frequently felt responsible for things that weren't his fault, as if subconsciously trying to give himself some level of importance when he knew that he wasn't. 
The tragedies that Miko encounters in this book are balanced by his relationship with Toby. But Miko struggles with an immensely guilty conscience that doesn't always guide him well. Fortunately he has Nas and Toby and even Joe Russell to advise him. Remember, Nassir is always right.

The bathtub on the cover of this book brings focus to the story and Miko's reasons for revenge. It also has a great backstory to it, ask the author about it when you get a chance. But, in the meantime, linger through an entirely different bathtub scene in this book that is gorgeous, tender, and strange. It is a classic example of Nicole Castle's craft.


Wit. That's the crux of it all. Nicole Castle's wit and humor and twisted use of morality, or er, immorality, totally works for me. I've read these characters over and over and each time there is something I missed before. Something more to savor and to be shocked by and to get lost in. I wonder how strange it must be for an author to have fans tell her that they love her murderous, nefarious, entirely insane characters? Which is more twisted, the reader or the writer?

You'll need to pay attention to the chapter headers for clarity, but the timeline is clearly defined. This book is written in a manner that takes you through some earlier hits in Miko's life, something that the author also does on her blog. She writes mini-hits that are almost like shorts and give a delightful richness to the full world surrounding Silva's assassins. These "greatest hits" are your bonus material and not to be missed. Just like this entire series.


Nicole Castle was raised in New Mexico. She now lives in Oregon. Chance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and Murder is her first book.

You can reach her on:

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I would like to thank Nicole Castle for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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