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Review: Then Came Cal by Lee Barrows 4 Stars

Then Came Cal

By Lee Barrows
4 Stars

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Pride Publishing

Book Information via publisher -
WORD COUNT: 12,983
ISBN: 978-1-78430-764-6

A surprisingly smart, full read that left me contented and  hoping to get more of Sean and Cal. And Cassie!

Blurb - Sean Hutchins is having the worst day of his life…

After losing what he thought was his dream job, Sean Hutchins walks away to suddenly find not only his professional life, but also his personal life, falling apart. Seeking comfort in his best friend Cassie, the last person Sean expects to run into is Cassie’s big brother—and Sean’s long time crush—Cal.

Cal is supposed to be on vacation visiting his baby sister, not babysitting her and her best friend, Sean. And he definitely is not supposed to be staring at Sean’s hot ass. But after spending some time with the guy, Cal finds himself having confusing feelings for him.

Should Cal act on his attraction? And can Sean find a way to put back the broken pieces of his heart and his life?


Sean - Humorous, smart, sexy and being tested at every turn. Luckily it's his strength that shines through.

Cal - Gorgeous, dependable, but confused. He's got a "comfortable life of quick hook-ups and even quicker goodbyes." Who could want more?

Cassie - Ah, to have a best friend like Cassie. She's uplifting and supportive and ready to go into battle. I like her!

Paul - The douchenugget!


To say Sean is having the worst day of his life is an understatement. Assuming that he'll get hit by a car on his way home just goes to show how down his day has been. Fortunately his best friend comes to the rescue with pizza and beer and some damned good encouraging support. 

Sean's long time crush, Cal, is visiting his sister and is suddenly being kicked out for the night so that she can give her friend the attention he needs after his fubar day. Cal decides he doesn't want to get involved so he heads out to a pub, but not before bumping into Sean on the street.
What would it be like to be with someone who didn't hide, who didn't play games, who was that honest?
Sean is adorable and perfect boyfriend material and usually the type of character that takes all of my attention. But it was Cal who had me thinking and dissecting. He's more complex and it's interesting to watch him make his way through all the roadblocks he's put in his own way.


Whoosh, this is a whirlwind read! It felt lightning quick because it had just the right amount of tension to keep me glued to the page and enough spice to be a page turner . The sexy bits were hot, but not over done, just right.

If I have any complaint it's that the ex didn't "get it" more. But then I'm just vindictive and wanted him to hurt a little. *bad Lisa*


Lee Barrows believes in young love, old love, new love, forever love, redeeming love, forgiving love, lose-yourself love, find-yourself love… Love for anyone and everyone.

Incurable romantic and aspiring writer of LGBTQA+ YA/NA modern day fairy tales.

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I would like to thank Lee Barrows and Pride Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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