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Review: Darker Space by Lisa Henry 3.5 Stars #mmromance #SciFi

Darker Space
(Dark Space #2)
3.5 Stars

Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-68252-023-9
Cover Artist: Mina Carter
Prev Book: Dark Space

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Loose Id
ARe - All Romance

My Dark Space book 1 review from 2013

Can I highly recommend a book and give it 3.5 stars? I guess I can when the second half got back on track and even took me on an


Brady Garrett is back on Earth. He’s living with his partner Cam and they’re raising his sister Lucy together. Life is better than some feral reffo from Kopa has any right to hope, and Brady knows it. He’s even grateful for it, most of the time. He loves Cam, even though he’s afraid that he’s not good enough for him, but he’s still having nightmares about the alien Faceless.

Cameron Rushton loved being a pilot once, and he still feels the pull of the starlight. He’s building a life with Brady now, and with Lucy. Life is good, even if it’s not without its complications. Both Brady and Cam are dealing with the endless cycle of interviews, tests, and questions that the military hierarchy hopes will reveal the secrets of the aliens who could very easily destroy humanity. They have each other though, and together they’re making it work.

But from out in the black, Kai-Ren is still watching and everything Brady and Cam think they’ve won, they stand to lose all over again.

energetic ride with depth and emotion that cements my need to read book 3. Yes, highly recommended. But first, my issues with this book.


Brady  Garrett - Hurt, angry, viscerally fearful, sarcastic as hell, and dismal. He's got a chip on his shoulder the size of Defender 3. But he'll fight and scream and claw his way through.

Cameron Rushton - Always looking up! Cam is that endlessly uplifting believer that is too good to be true. Yet, it is who he is. Good grief, Brady needs this man.

Chris Varro - Cam's ex and a pretty damn cool guy. Even if Brady hates him.
Lucy - My very favorite character.
I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai-Ren - He may be my favorite too, but, I Love Kai-Ren just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Doc - I am so glad that Doc is coming along for the ride.


"Playing happy families with the Rushtons."

Brady and Cam are living a good life, a life that Brady has only ever dreamed of, in fact he hasn't even really allowed himself to dream of life this good, this easy. After a life of nothing but struggling for survival he can't just turn off that sense of impending doom.

Living back on earth now, Brady is trying to fit into Cam's world. But Brady knows Cam wants to be in the black while Brady has to keep both feet on the ground. Brady's new job as a hospital orderly is a big step down from the trainee medic position he held on Defender 3 and you can feel his sense of self worth diminish with each turn of the page. His focus remains on raising his little sister and keeping her safe and happy. Together he and Cam are moving forward after their trials on Defender 3.

But the Faceless are in Brady's dreams.They are in his thoughts. And they are coming.

It was supposed to be him and me against the fucking universe. That's when we were solid. Backs against the wall, feet planted, we were solid. And I was sorry that it couldn't be more than that--that I couldn't be more, [...] but my feet were always planted in the dirt and he was looking at the stars...
I didn't give much more of a story description than what is told in the blurb because I don't usually tell you what happens in the second half of a book. To me that's for the reader to discover. But in this book everything happens after about sixty-five percent and that's why I'm stumbling so hard with this review. I can't help thinking that if I had edited this book I would have thrown out about thirty percent of it.

It really felt like the author's needle got stuck in a grove and I wanted to flick it with my finger to jump over the scratch.

Page after page after page drones on about how hard Brady's life has been, his anger and frustration at the unfairness of it all. That all needs to be explained and it's a huge basis for everything that Brady is about, but I got it in book 1. I got it again by page 20 here. After 100 or more pages of being told the same things and not moving forward I have to say I almost put this book aside. I'm very glad I didn't, because the last 50 pages or so were very powerful and thought-provoking and I'm still chewing on it. 

This is a classic book two setup for a continuing series and it is a must read. I have every faith in Lisa Henry's storytelling prowess, and every intention on continuing with the Dark Space series because to be honest there isn't much else in the MM genre like it. 

The ending of this book feels like a brand new beginning and although I was annoyed with the draggy beginning I am a devote Dark Space, and Lisa Henry fan. It's quite possible that the time span between writing book 1 and 2 had something to do with the author getting back on track. Like she just couldn't quite catch her grip at first. However, the last part of the book was definitely on course and it felt very much like the energy and excitement that Dark Space had was back.

Highly recommended


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Blog Tour #AuthorInterview - Eternal Circle by Victoria Sue #Giveaway

Author Name: Victoria Sue
Book Name: Eternal Circle
Series: Sirius’ Wolves
Book: Three
Series should be read in order
Release Date: September 24, 2015
Pages or Words: 49,000 words
Categories: M/M Romance, Ménage/Poly, Paranormal

Author Interview

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Victoria Sue author of Eternal Circle. 
Hi Victoria, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book. 

1) What are your ambitions for your writing career?
At the moment its time management – I’d like to be able to write 1000 words plus an hour. In the future – well obviously I’d like to get a book on one of “the lists” – New York Times, etc (yeah – I know we can all dream) 

 2) How many published books do you have? Can you tell us something about them? 
I have two published M/M series with three books in each. The Pure series and the Sirius Wolves series. I have a co-authored series with Shannon West. Before the end of the year, I will have another three books released. 

3) Your main character wants to cook something special for his love interest. What does he make? 
I had Oliver make lasagna for Damon in Pure – Innocence which was really hard for him because of the damage to his hands he suffered when he was held captive. Oliver can’t lift anything heavy so Adam from Pure – Indulgence came to help, but got out of the way before Damon came home. 

4) What are you working on at the moment? What’s it about? 
I’m working on a regency historical called The Innocent Auction. It’s set in London in 1810 when homosexuality was punishable by death. My two guys have to work very hard to get their HEA. 

5) Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day? 
At least 2000, but that varies between none and 5000. Unfortunately the 5000 has only happened three times in twelve months.

Eternal Circle - extracts

According to legend the goddess Sirius gifted humankind with powerful werewolf shifters, to bring balance and peace to the planet that both species called home – Earth.
The great god Orion was pleased with his wife’s final efforts, and the werewolves he allowed to be created showed such equal amounts of strength and compassion that humans were awed and showed their gratitude by adding a full five feast days to their calendar to commemorate them. The days were named after the five oldest gods: Osiris, Heru, Set, Isis, and Nephthys.
But one god was jealous. Anubis had worked tirelessly for years weighing the hearts of the dead for their goodness, and granting the dead passage into heaven or escorting them to hell. He was incensed that the ungrateful humans didn’t show him proper homage, and decided to sabotage the plans that Sirius had made.
He couldn’t stop Sirius’ creation but decided that some of the wolves would be given the gifts that the dead laid at Anubis’ feet, as a way for them to barter their fate. These were special attributes, the ones that enabled humans to navigate their way to hell, and the ones that wolves weren’t naturally born with.
Anubis sat back after his efforts and smiled. For every wolf and human born with strength and compassion, there would be one born with hate, greed, and jealousy. Some strong, some weak. Mostly the gifts of strength and compassion would win, but every so often a wolf would find hate, and greed, and grow strong and powerful with it. Anubis had cunning and had to do this out of sight of Orion. The great god just had his wife, Sirius, returned to him, and Anubis could not do anything that would risk his wrath. No, he had to work stealthily, as if Sirius’ creation had gone bad all on its own and he had no hand in it. Anubis watched as the gods all agreed there could be no more interference in human lives and he smiled. His own creations would bring down the werewolves and they would infect others. Anubis had patience and could wait for those days, for they would be glorious.

Extract Two
It was stunning. Even though his vision was black and grey, the world looked sharper, cleaner. Aden felt the soft touch of Darric’s wolf in his mind, and felt the love swirl around him. The other, bigger, black Alpha- marked wolf stood beside him, Blaze’s massive head swinging cautiously to one side, scenting for possible danger. Always on the lookout, always in full-on protective mode. Aden whined and lowered himself down. Blaze was making him rest. Memories clawed at him, hurt, and he tried to push them away. This. This was when Aden felt truly, irrevocably free. As a wolf he wasn’t small and scarred. Pathetic, abused, and beaten.
He felt a nudge against his side. Blaze’s wolf came and stood close, gently brushed his snout along the grey fur on Aden’s round belly protectively. No, that wasn’t fair. He was none of those things now, even as a human. Aden tucked his paws under him and panted. He knew Blaze was urging him to go home. They had agreed on the advice of the doctor that this was the last time he would shift before the baby was born. He’d known it was a risk, and not something the she-wolves did at all, but this was when he felt the most connection to his lover.
This was the one time Darric had never died. The time before that beautiful body had been laid finally to rest and gone to Sirius. He knew Darric would be with Sirius until it was finally time for Aden to join him, and it wasn’t as if he was in a rush to die, but these moments as a wolf were all he had left of his silver-haired, beautiful mate, and he wanted to hold on for just a few seconds longer.
Sometimes Aden wanted to disappear in his wolf and never come back.

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Meet the author:

Victoria Sue has loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kids' adventure stories, she would go raid her mom's. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.

She's still in love with them. Any size, any shape, any creature - love is love, no matter what it says on the box.

In fact if they don't fit very neatly into any box she loves them even more!

She has a very patient husband and three wonderful children. In 2010 in search of adventure they all moved from the UK to the US and are happily settled in Florida. Finally, after reading love stories for so long, she decided to write her own.

Where to find the author:

Facebook Author Page: Victoria sue author
Twitter: @vickysuewrites
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Cover Artist: 3 Rusted Spoons

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