Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LGBT Valentine's Day Blog Hop Winners Announced @dpdenman

LGBT Valentine's Blog Hop Winners Announced

Thank you, everyone for joining in this fun hop. And thanks to DP Denman for putting it all together.

Author Name                    Winner Name

Lynley Wayne                     Virginia
Jessie G                               Charlotte
Stephen del Mar                  Jen
Neil Plakcy                          Fay
M.A. Church                        Maea
Anne Barwell                       Kimberley
Tracey Steinbach                 Ravyn
Bronwyn Heeley                  Milo
Sharita Lira                          Brandy
Nic Starr                              BatchelorBoy55
LE Franks                            Jenn
Verity James &
Cassie Donoghue                 Jo Moon
DP Denman                         Heather
$30 gift card                        Julie

And thank you to all the authors who so graciously donated :)

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