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Lisa Arbitrary

I have enjoyed reading many authors over the years. I’ve perused many different genre’s and have even become absorbed in some works and worlds for years. Lately though, I have discovered writers in a genre that I can’t tear myself away from. This male/male or m/m, gay romance and even transgender genre is fascinating to me.  This has been a journey of self-discovery (no, I’m not gay) and a journey of understanding and awakening, that has really spoken to me. Is it the genre or the writers? I don’t know. What I do know, is that I want to share these authors and books with anyone who is interested in reading some of the best writing I have come across.

Parts of me are frustrated that these authors have pigeon-holed themselves into a little corner of the literary universe. Another part of me, though, is thrilled that I have “discovered” something special. I find I only want to share it with others that will appreciate the wonderfulness of it. If those who enjoy these books want to explore and enjoy this genre with me, all the better. Of  course, your attention is arbitrary. This isn’t a genre for the masses. I  would say that it serves a very specific audience. 

I welcome all comments and questions. This is a journey that I’d rather take with others. I need someone to keep me on track and paying attention (gasp). That way, I can plunder your thoughts and ideas and therefore find myself more time to actually read.

Happy reading,

OJ Cast

You can now find OJ at his very own blog, OJ He Say. He'll still contribute here and we'll keep having fun with our Gay Guy/Straight Girl reviews, but definitely check out what OJ's up to also -

Wow, so they’re right. It really does get better. I’m still trying to figure who ‘they’ is. At the moment I’m leaning towards a vast conspiracy of biblical proportions, but ‘they’ are right!

As a kid I was an avid reader. I could get lost in the worlds of Asimov and Heinlein and historical novels and numerous other genres and be happy as a clam. A single kid when I was young, nothing was better than a good book, and then as the years went by and one gets busy, starts getting more involved with life and things, I slowly stopped reading until one day I discovered The Kindle! What an amazing thing an e reader is. I can take it everywhere and I don’t have to have all these books lying around occupying space. Slowly I started exploring around, seeing what genres appealed to me in this stage of my life and I discovered M/M. Hot doggety! Oh, yeah, come to papa. I still read my old stand byes, science fiction and historical novels but my main love is this genre of M/M. Alpha types, swashbuckling pirates, paranormal, modern contemporary, military, rom-coms, you name it I love them all and I want to share the gems I’ve found along the way.

I am extremely fortunate to have found some amazing friends through my books and reviews and even more fortunate to have such a supportive, amazing husband that indulges me in my little book fetish. There’s other fetishes, but we won’t talk about those. Yes, I’m a dude married to a dude. I know, shocking!

Thank you, Lisa. Thank you for your wonderful friendship, and thank you for inviting me along on this wonderful journey. I now get to share my good fortune and love of this genre with all of you.

Reach out if you wish. I don’t bite. At first. We’ll talk about that later on when we get there.



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