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Book Tours and Promotions

One of the most enjoyable things about having a book blog is being able to help authors and promoters spread the word about new and upcoming book releases. We love to splash the news around social media, and in turn, bring more readers and authors together.

Help Us Help You -

We do get a lot of requests for tours and will be running more promos on the blog in 2016. Remember it's just Lisa and OJ so we have to narrow down the tours we help with by choosing tours that really fit our blog. We generally focus on M/M romance and other specific M/M genre books.

We are more likely to choose to run your promo if it is easy for us to post, i.e., well formatted html that is ready to go. Please include everything that you want your reader to know - buys links, author/ publisher contact info, blurb, giveaway codes or requirements, etc.

Once in a while we can squeeze in a tour, but we love a few weeks advance, or more, to add you to the schedule. If you're not sure of the date contact us and we can pencil you in tentatively.

If we don't respond to your request the first time around try us again. We apologize for not replying to every inquiry.

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